i’m back!

I am alive. Sorry for the lack of posts!

Explanation for post lull:

  • I was having trouble posting on Thursday (but just got that one up (twss…)).
  • Then i had no internet access in San Fran from Fri- Mon.
  • Tuesday I had an off site meeting right off my vacation and was in eating with collegues and when I finally got to the office at 2 I had a million emails to follow up on and decided no blog today.

Speaking of quick recap of tuesday fitness… i had a marathon day because before vacation I thought I would feel gross and fat and want to work out (I didn’t at all, will explain in vacay recap). So yesterday I had planned out to run 4 miles then teach my spin class. I was dreading it all day! And you know what, it didn’t turn out that bad. I was tired afterward but it felt really good. On that note, i probably won’t be doing that again unless forced haha.

Anyway today’s eats.

I was dreading having no lean cuisines in the work fridge so I quick stopped off at the market before getting to work. They were having 5 lean cuisines for $10 and then the lady at checkout gave me $5 off frozen meals!! It was sweet! I got 8 lean cuisines, a smart ones breakfasts sandwich box (2 breakfasts), an Amy’s frozen meal, and a box of fiber plus granola bars for $20! I was happy to have started my morning so thriftily!

Breakfast was my recent purchase: Smart Ones Breakfast Sandwich

I nuked it in the microwave (def does not need the full directions time) and then dipped in lots of hot sauce.

These are good for at work breakfast sandwiches with good stats but not as good as if you made it yourself. The english muffin is definitely soggy. Oh well, good in a pinch.

Morning snack was this apple that was really tiny but it was alright because i had a big lunch.

Lunch was provided by work because I was participating in website testing. I had a dressingless salad of lettuce, 2 mozz balls, olives, cucumber and some roasted red pepper and a chicken wrap.

I was excited about the wrap because it was just plain meaning no scary condiments. It was just a wrap with grilled chicken, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

I later went back for a garlic knot. They are too good to pass up!

Afternoon snack I kept light also fearing the stats of the garlic knot. I had this orange.

Vita top pre workout hanging out by my new monitor at work. I was havign montior problems yesterday and today at work and I got a new one out of it. I must admit the change is a little weird. But now no one can hide anything behind my monitor*!!

*my coworkers hid an apple air freshner back there for 2 weeks! I can remember they day it arrived because I could smell the pungeont smell of apples and it gave me a headache. For weeks I thought it was the person on the other side of my cube. Then I found out it was behind the monitor. touche on the prank but hate. haha

Fitness: taught my usual kickboxing class. I was supposed to get in some pushups but didn’t make the time. My b.

Dinner was quick because I needed to tidy up my room and do laundry before my friends come this weekend! Brief note on that- my 5 best friends from high school are coming to visit Philly this weekend!! I am so excited!

Anyway as i was saying, dinner was quick… This is my go to quick dinner often. It is very tasty! I call it chicken with cheesy rice.

Microwave the cheesy rice and broccoli for about 5 mins and pour over half of this pitch of chicken. Top with lots of crushed red pepper and mix it up. Mmmm.

One Response to i’m back!

  1. Co-worker Brian says:

    You got APPLESAUCED!! To date the second best prank of the 2010s…flip flop still takes the cake.

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