Vacation all I ever wanted

Vacation had to get away! I will be on vacation at 5pm today until 8am Tuesday! Woohoo.

Started my day with some fitness: I ran 2 miles on the treadmill in about 17 mins and then took a body works class. This is a weight class where they use lift weights and do a bunch of reps and hit almost every muscle group. she spent a lot of time doing combinations of moves (i.e. Lunges and bicep curls, squats and overhead press). All the leg stuff was really hard for me since I’ve already ran 11 miles this week and taught kickboxing.

I stayed the whole hour class (until 6:45) so I had to rush to get ready and make it to work on time.

Breakfast vita top with SFB and banana. I used half the banana and ate the other half.

For my morning snack I wanted some crunch so I satisfied that with 2 white cheddar rice cakes.

I slapped together some items from my freezer for lunch today since I couldn’t bear the thought of another lean pocket.

-a portion of whole wheat pasta I had frozen
-turkey meatballs (4 were frozen together)
-light ragu sauce
-lots of crushed red pepper, o’ course

Afternoon snack was a hodge podge. One Hershey with almond square and a twizzler.

After work I headed home to quickly change and grab my luggage for the trip. En route I had some brownies that Lauren made last night. So gooey and delicious!

Dinner was a la 30th Street Station. Come to find, even when you can eat meat, your healthy choices are limited. Some salads were low cal and sounded good but I don’t think they’d travel well. So I went back to last week’s discovery: Cosi Fire Roasted Vegge Sandwich.

I order it on whole grain bread, warm, with carrots instead of chips.

I think what really puts this sandwich over the top is the feta spread but most importantly the big chunks of salt on the delicious flat bread! I heart good bread and now I know that salt on top takes bread to a whole new level. Sooo good.

Carrots are a nice option to have but I did miss the crunch of the chips. I like chips and sandwich combos. I was trying to be good though because I know this weekend isn’t going to be good eating wise.

Anyway now I’m on vacation! Going to try and blog it. However, since I’ve had the blog vacation blogging has been minimal. I will try to at least picture document.

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