Foil pack fish

I got so much sleep last night! I went to bed around 8:30 pm and slept right until my alarm at 6:30 am. Sad part is I could have slept more. I am feeling chipper today though!

I have a lot of fruit to get through the next few days so I am again incorporating it into all of my meals. Thus breakfast was a Banana and SFB (sun flower butter) sandwich.

  • tbsp SFB
  • slice of light bread
  • half banana on top, half eaten on the side

For a morning snack I knew that I needed fruit and fat to fill me up so I had some almonds and a cup of pineapple.

Lunch was again a lean pocket pretzel bread. Ok I am starting to get sick of these now too but I didn’t want to buy new lunches right before my vacation. Next week I am determined to fill up my work stash with lean cuisines! Anyway I ate it before I remembered to snap a pic but as you’ve seen them pretty frequently lately I am sure you can imagine. here’s the remnants…

  • lean pocket
  • white cheddar rice cake
  • orange

I remembered before eating the orange:

Afternoon snack was, you guessed it, fruit and nuts. This time I have a cup of grapes and some mixed nuts.

Preworkout vita top in some shamrocks a little late for St Pat’s day but same month so there.

Fitness: my routine has been strange lately and i havent been teaching my spin class for 2 weeks. I miss spin. I have managed to keep my kickboxing though. When given the choice I always take the kb because it gets me home much earlier (my spin class is at 6:45 pm and I don’t get home until 8, its kind of a pain). Anyway tonight I stuck with the routine and taught my kickboxing class. I also did my first day of W4 D2 of 100 pushup challenge. Looks like this: 25-29-25-25-36+ with 90 secs in between. I was able to do everything up until the end I hit 25 and died. Another set I am going to be on for a while.

After class I stopped quickly at the grocery store to get some sides for my dinner with Jae. It is my turn to cook for him. I munched on these while I cooked:

Foil Pack Tilapia!

  1. I marinated some tilapia in mesquite chili lime marinade that only had 5 calories a serving overnight.
  2. I then wrapped the fish, some spinach and a pepper and onions mix in tin foil
  3. and I baked for about 25 mins at 450 until the fish looked flakey

I served with a side of whole grain couscous. Which I overcooked and was a fail.

This was my first attempt at tin foil cooking and I think it turned out really well! it was so easy to cook this way and even easier to clean up. I’m a fan.

For dessert I had a piece of Godiva chocolate and a few Cadbury eggs (this x2)

Anyway, had to call it an early night because I need to pack for San Fran! I am leaving for NY tomorrow night and then our flight out is on Fri. At least on Thursday I will be reunited with my ipad for easier blogging! woohooo. see you then!


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