Today my company was holding a seminar at a local hotel that I had to work. The eats were tricky because of this.

I had to be there super early so lots of coffee was involved throughout the day. I was happy to see they had skim milk at the hotel.  I had 2 cups like this (skim milk sweet n’ low).

For breakfast I had some fruit and a small biscotti that was a splurge but awesome! Very moist unlike most bisoctti.

This meal did not fill me up however so later I had a banana.

And half a whole wheat bagel with jelly.

Lunch i wasn’t able to photograph since we were out with clients but we went to Maggiano’s. I was slightly unhappy with the restaurant because their nutritional information was not readily available even on the internet! My coworker who is calorie couting found something that gave the stats for a few things on the menu and we picked based on that.

I had a soup and salad combo. it was a tiny cream of chicken and potato soup, it was good but very small (hence the low calorie count haha) and a spinach salad. The salad was awesome!! I added shrimp which was warm and grilled on top of the spinach, bacon, pine nuts, roasted onions and blue cheese. I asked for the dressing on the side and used the fork dip method. The salad was awesome I would definitely go back for it. It didn’t feel too heavy once I removed the dressing. Next time I would get the regular size salad with shrimp instead if the combo.

Anyway, prerun I had a fiber one bar (a real one! haha) and another cup of coffee black with one sweet n low (not pictured).

Fitness: 6 miles on the agenda today. I was so tired from being up early and working the event I was really dreading it but I knew it had to be done. Even though I thought it was going to be terrible but it turned out grey! Once I got started I felt good and was able to maintain and overall about 9 min/mile pace. Very happy about that! Stats:

When I finished the run the exhaustion set in. I had a dinner planned but was feeling too tired and lazy to cook it. Since I had driven to do the run completely on Kelly Drive, on my way hone I stopped at Rita’s to pick up dinner.

Yes, I had water ice for dinner. This is a Swedish fish and slenderita gelati. Love. They somehow got this to taste except like swedish fish. And the low fat gelati is so creamy and amazing with it.

Not the best dinner but I was feeling lazy and that’s what sounded good at the time. I am sure come summer you will see lots more froyo or Rita’s for dinner. Especially after hot weather runs.

Now I am already in bed at 7:00pm. Going to watch tv and go to bed super early so I don’t have another force myself to work out moment tomorrow.

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