Pole Dance Class

So I was really terrible this weekend about taking pictures. AKA I took none.  This is a theme these days which I am actually starting to embrace because my life has been Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde style on the weekends for a long time now.  Anyway, I have no pictures but just wanted to write about the fitness activity I did this weekend (pictures of this to come once Noa posts them on facebook.)

For my friend Noa’s bachelorette on Saturday we took a pole dance class.  I was a little nervous because I have no rhythm but it turned out to be pretty fun.  Everyone was laughing and was light-hearted about the whole thing. 

The class was laid out starting with a brief warmup of stripper like moves on the floor and then we learned a routine of moves.  It was not a very hard workout because it took a while to learn everything but some of the elements were pretty hard and I did break a sweat.

The hardest part about the routine was climbing the pole.

“If you’re wearing shorts you need to roll them up because you are going to use the friction of your skin to scale the pole” -pole dance instructor

I have a new-found respect for strippers who full on climb the pole. It is pretty hard but making it look graceful is ridiculously challenging.  She has us wrapping our legs around and sliding up and down the poll skin making screeching noises and everything… not hot haha. 

After the class, the top of my foot was killing me (you had to use it to climb the pole.. hard to explain) and my inner thighs had pole burn. My right arm is pretty sore too. I may have used that more than I should have to hold myself up.

Anyway, it was a fun activity for a group of friends to laugh about.  I would like to try a class that is supposed to be a workout and see what that’s like. I just don’t see it as being that great of a cardio thing but I could be wrong.

I will wait to post this on my My 2 Cents page until I get a real class in there. Don’t want to judge before I have tried a real class.


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