Bye bye diet to go

Woke up this morning feeling sooo tired. Staying out late in New York really messes me up. I think the 2am bar close is beneficial for everyone. Its like they are telling you that there is no reason to drink anymore and you should probably go to bed. They are right.

Well, it is a gross rainy day in Philly today. Apparently it is supposed to be like that the whole week. It is also susposed to be like that in San Franscico where I am going this weekend. I am hoping the forecast changes as the week goes on. Going to San Fran Friday- Monday for a few reasons.

  1. I have never been and always wanted to go
  2. I found a cheap flight for $275 round trip from NY and my brother hooked me up with an awesome hotel for cheap
  3. Dan and I are starting to make it a tradition of going on a Spring trip (last year we did Freeport, Bahamas…)

Looking forward to that an the end of the week but lets cross our fingers it doesn’t rain the entire time!

Anyway, on to todays eats.

** By the way… I left my ipad at Dan’s house and my laptop is out of commission soooo until i get back to the Ipad mypics will have to be taken with the Iphone only this week because otherwise i have no way to load them into the blog**


-2 slices light bread
-tbsp sunflower butter
-tbsp fluff
-tbsp sf raspberry jelly

morning snack was a cookie that someone brought in at work. It was soft and chewy and callingmy name. usually i would skip this but it just looked so good. So I instead just replaced my normal snack with this. Not the healthiest of options but I made it work.

Lunch was another lean pocket pretzel bread. I know you are probably sick of seeing these haha. Like I’ve said before costco box and I really need to go to the store and stock up my work fridge with Lean Cuisines. Probably not this week since its a short one but in the near future.

On the side I had 2 white cheddar rice cakes.

Dipped in hot sauce.

Afternoon snack was a banana and some almonds for filling fat.

Preworkout fiber one bar.

Fitness: I knocked a 3.5 miler off my plan for the week. I tried a different route today and it had waaaay too many hills. No bueno. Totals:

Afterward I did some abs. and later I went to our heartbreaking volleyball championship game :(. Lost in 3 games and each game was really close. So sad.

I had dinner before volleyball and it needed to be quick. I had my last diet to go meal that I had frozen.

Tomato and Mushroom Omelet with a Brussel Sprout Medley

The Brussel sprouts really didn’t seem appealing for breakfast but this working for dinner.

The tomato mushroom sauce on top wa great and even better with some chipotle Tabasco.

I had a corn vita muffin on the side.

And a Godiva chocolate for dessert. This tasted just like icing which is everything I ask for on dessert.


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