St Patty’s Day/ amazing volleyball win

Are you wearing your green?

After a fiasco with laundry last night I got to bed really late and then had a hard time waking up this morning. Hopefully tom when I need to rub before work I can get up!

Breakfast was my pb-less fluffernutter.

-tbsp sunflower seed butter
-2 slices light whole wheat bread
-1/2 tbsp jelly (what was left in the jar)
-tbsp fluff
-pear on the side (steal eating by way through the fruit stash)

The sunflower butter is really good! Its not as delicious as pb but it’s the best alternative out there. I am personally not a fan of almond or cashew butter (gasp in the health food blog world) so I was pleasantly surprised by it.

I had a banana as a morning snack.

And then at noon when I normally would eat lunch I grabbed some cocoa roast almonds and with my path written on my hand I went out to run.

Fitness: I ran at lunch because I have to pick up my friend for our volleyball game tonight which is the early 6:30 time slot and I am going out afterward to drink a St. Patty’s Day beer and watch basketball. Aaaaanyway, it was an amazing 65 degree afternoon and my first time running in a tank since winter! It was glorious. As I started out I vegan at my usual way to fast for me pace that leaves me struggling halfway through the run and decided that for this run I was going to shoot for a steady kind of quick but not my fastest pace. I was aiming for 8:30 miles. Here’s how I rolled:

1- 8:33
2- 8:30
3- 8:49
Last .5- 8:54
Total: 3.5 miles 30:21
Avg pace: 8:40

I was pretty pleased with myself although wish I could have kept it a little quicker the last mile and a half. I am getting better at pacing though I think!

After the run I was ready for lunch. I bought a 110 calorie bag of pretzels and a diet snapple downstairs. I needed the pretzels and planned those… the snapple was a whim.

The main course was a lean poker pretzel bread CHC (chicken jalapeño cheddar). Yeah, I bought a Costco box of these so you will be seeing them often.

Afternoon snack was the last of my pineapple and some strawberries. What a good combo!

Before volleyball I snacked on a fiber plus caramel coconut fudge bar. Still in love. I need more of these!

And a spoonful of sunflower butter because I was still feeling hungry and decided I needed more fat. No pic.

what a terrible afternoon for productivity! Beautiful day, St pat’s Day, and first day of march madness. Ughh(fitness:) after crying in my cube over the loss of great day,I went to volleyball. This was the semifinal round and we had 3 players who couldn’t make it and thus had to play wi 5 (usually you have 6). After losing the first game we pulled this one out! It was awesome. Championship on Monday!

After volleyball I went to the bayou to meet Lauren, Jae, Pam, and Patrick. I love e bayou after volleyball. You get a free drink (they usually have blue moon or shock top) and they have great food specials.

Usually Thursday is $2 meatball sandwich but they had run out today so they resorted to Wednesdays special $2 roast beef sandwich. I usually prefer the roast beef to the meatballs but today’s looks different it was like roast beef sloppy joes. Yeeeeeah not so good. I hope this was a one time thing and that’s not their new roast beef. Ew.

Anyway I ate the sandwich and probably half of the chips. And a couple of Lauren’s fries.

Now I am up past my bedtime and need to wake up to run tomorrow. G-night, g-money.

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