iPhone Monday

My phone was dead today so excuse the iPhone pictures. I was determined to eat light today.

Blueberry muesli from TK’s. I wasnt really caring for the raw oats in this. They aren’t crispy. The blueberry flavor and crunchy prices were good though. I added a few cocoa roast almonds…good for more crunch. And half a small banana. Of course skim milk drowned it.

I had the rest of the banana for a snack but no pic. Oops.

Lunch was a Tasty Bite Bombay Potatoes with hot sauce and a corn vita top. Delicious.

Afternoon half strawberry pint.

Fiber one pre workout.

Fitness: 2 miles per training. I was booking it. The first mile I did in 7:45! The next one was 8:30. I felt good. Then I took hot yoga which was especially hot today. I think I sweat out all the fluid in my body. Felt good.

My parents are visiting for the night and made me and awesome dinner to come home too :)

Seared tuna filet and lots of veggies (that I covered I. Rf Parmesan and hot sauce).

Time for bed to catch up on this hour I lost.

Ps i am current,y obsessed with the words with friends app on the iPhone. B Suzie. Challenge me!

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