No meat Friday 1

Fitness: woke up Friday and ran 3 miles then did on demand Crunch Sexy Stretch. The stretching was good but I was pretty disturbed by the girls on program that were sexing up the camera. Gross.

Here are my meat free eats (because of Lent)…

Starbucks skinny hazelnut latte with 3 shots of espresso

Starbucks egg white, spinach, feta wrap (Loooove)

One munchkin.

Pizza parlor lunch at Tony and Joe’s in Conshohocken.
Diet coke

Salad with balsamic vinegar (croutons removed)

Two slices mushroom pizza with crushed red.

Afternoon snack.

Dinner a la 30th street station to take on the bolt bus.

I wanted fish. I had the choice between McDonalds filet o’ fish or real southern fried catfish.

Fried catfish on two prices of wheat bread with hot sauce. Such a great choice!! If I’m going to eat fried fish I want it to be from Delilah’s in 30th st. So delicious!!

Coffee with. Pump of sugar free Irish cream syrup.

The rest of Friday I had 3 blue moons and I split with Dan a pretzel and a fiber plus bar.

I stopped taking pictures because we were with people all weekend and I didn’t want to stalk food and beverages. So that’s all I have. The rest of the weekend was pretty fat so probably for the best. I will be making up for it all week.


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