Perfect day

Saturday was my ideal day. I slept in until about 10am and woke up feeling not too tired. Per my training plan I had 4 miles to do.

I ate a fiber one with a little pb.

(Fitness) I did W4D1 of pushups and then started my run. My legs were super sore from pushing all week and the wind seemed to be in my face the whole time. I was sure I was really dragging, but it was a warm glorious day and i kept trekking and somehow I managed to hold a steady 9 min mile pace.

Total: 4.35 miles 39:25
1: 8:55
2: 9:15
3: 9:12
4: 8:52
Last .35: 9:06

After the run, Dan and I stopped at Dunkin Donuts. Since I had the fiber one I wasn’t that hungry so I got a latte light, one jelly filled donut hole, and an order of hash browns.

From there it was massage time. I bought 2 grouping for massages from Mellow Massage in East Falls (near my hood) a while back and finally scheduled them. $29 for an hour massage and 10 min foot scrub. It was fabulous after a hard workout week. Love.

Afterward we picked up primo hoagies. I got the chicken doable with grilled chicken, tomato and onion.

If you haven’t tried primo. It is amazing. The bread is awesome and they have a line of spicy sandwiches which as you could probably have guessed I love. They also let you get grilled chicken to make it a little healthier. I usually eat half… bonus, 2 meals.

Reduced fat kettle chips is always great with a primo.

And a rice krispie treat for dessert.

After feeding we got ready and went to the Philly Craft Beer Festival. This is where I stopped taking pics for the day. Many beers were sampled, a soft pretzel was split, then many bar appetizers.

The fest was fun as usual. I hit all my favs franziskaner, blue point, Lancaster, lienenkugel, shock top. I even found a new coffee veer I really liked but I put Dan in charge of keeping track of that. Hope he did!

Anyway great day of working out in perfect rubbing weather, relaxation and beer.

The cherry on top of all this was I managed to wake up feeling fine. No hangover. I’ll cherish it while I can.


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