Busy busy

Woke up on Saturday to tackle my busy day in a hungover state. Nothing a little advil and a mimosa couldn’t cure though.

Our at home tailgate a la Higgins was delicious. He made whole wheat challah French toast with a warm berry compote and sausages.

The components:

This bread was awesome.

Berries were awesome too and perfect for me since I don’t really like maple syrup.

I had this cherry from the huge box I re-gifted to the boys house at new years.

At the game Dan and split these Chickie and Pete’s crab fries. $8.50 yeeeeeeah.

The game was a debauchery and I am not hopeful for Nova in the tournament this year :(. Dan and I had to duck out a little early to get up to NY for his sister’s engagement party.

I had tons of homemade deliciousness there but refrained from stalking the food.

Sunday was low key but Dan and I successfully saved money by making our own food vs ordering takeout.

Eggbeater sandwich with tomato, light Swiss cheese, and ketchup on a cheesy roll and a banana.

Chicken quesadilla made with rotisserie chicken, tomato, hot sauce, fat free mozzarella, and fat free sour cream on a smart and delicious tortilla toasted.

I snacked on s’mores goldfish, a granola bar, a few bites of a Wendy’s frosty, part of a chicken cutlet, I think that’s all… throughout the day. I also did some fitness! Unusual for a Sunday for me. I did a 30 min yoga program that was on demand. It had some great hip openers.

So tired now. G night.

2 Responses to Busy busy

  1. Courtney says:

    Wow, who knew Higgins was such a chef! I’m impressed!

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