If you like samoas cookies!!

Today I got creative with vita tips again.

For breakfast I used the double choc vita as a vehicle to consume pb and fluff.

I heated it up for 20 secs (makes vitas warm and gooey) and topped it with a mix of RF pb and fluff. Mmmmmm.

Morning snack was a few pb fill pretzels (I’m really in love with pb these days apparently), some mixed nuts, and a tiny mixed fruit cup (I took the leftovers from a work function).

Lunch was something new. Hormel Compleats (yes, eats) ravioli and a corn vita top.

Shelf stable lunches ready in 90 seconds, creepy or can’t beat ’em?

This was actually really tasty. The ravioli were big and cut in half they made for a meal that took a little while to eat. I dipped the corn muffin in the extra sauce.

Afternoon snack was more pb fille pretzels. I packed one serving of these which was about 140 calories. So a couple this morning and about 100 calorie snack this afternoon.

I was looking forward to my Preworkout snack all day! I am pretty sure this sounds amazing and exactly like a girl scout Samoas cookie (my all time favorite!).

Caramel + coconut + chocolate = a Samoa, right?

And it has lots of fiber!

Verdict: this is the greatest thing to come into my life since I was introduced to vita tops about 5 years ago! Ok that may be an exaggeration but Ohhhhh my gaaaa. It tasted like a samoa cookie!!! And the stats are great! Aka a lot better then an actual Samoa cookie. Love.
(for size)

Fitness: I was able to get in a run before the rain tonight. It was a little cold (like 42 deg) so I wore my cold gear underarmor suit and a headband covering my ear weens and that was perfect. I actually had a great run today. I only stopped when I caught a red light which only ended up being about 3 times. And I felt pretty good about toughing it out even though I wanted to walk. Fun new trick with my garmin for you. Here are my splits:
-Mile 1: 8:48
-Mile 2: 8:50
-Mile 3: 9:24
-Mile 4: 9:36
-Mile 5: 9:40
-last .18: 9:14
*Overall: 5.18 miles 47:58

While these are the exact opposite of the negative splits runners strive for, I was happy to keep it under 10 despite hills and my legs not being used to running. It can only get better from here… I hope. And since I’m putting this under my daily fitness section now, even though it’s not all that active… I had a volleyball game tonight.

Dinner was nothing creative… Leftovers! Delicious none the less.

-sweet potatoes
-a few peppers and onions
-corn (new addition. This was served at Jaes last night but I didn’t have it)
-half stuffed mushroom

Godiva chocolate for dessert with my dinner skim milk in the background.

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