Presidents day…

Not a holiday at my job. Thus it was back to the grind this morning.

Lucky for me alot of people did have off so the ride in was so fast! I got in early even. For breakfast I had 1/2 c grapenuts, 1/2 banana, skim milk and for added nuttiness I threw in about a tbsp mixed nuts. I think i prefer just almonds or pecans in my cereal but with was good too. Nice filling breakfast.

Morning snack was half a banana and a few soy nuts because I was starving.

This x2:

For lunch I had an Amy’s black bean tamale verde. Still in love with this frozen meal. So good.

I was trying to resist but a coworker brought is soft pretzels today and they looked amazing so I had half of the cold doughy deliciousness.

To make up for my pretzel consumption, I skipped one of my afternoon snacks today and had a yogurt with kashi good friends before heading home to work out.

Fitness: Had to get a quick workout in since I was going to the nova vs Syracuse game tonight. I got in a quick 6 week 6 pack at home.

Then more rush, for dinner I grabbed a s’mores Luna bar and an apple on the way out the door so I wouldn’t eat the junk at the game. I was disappointed the luna bar only had 180 calories. Doesn’t make sense to me… Not enough for a meal but too big for a snack.

At the game, it was hard to deny the shock top on draft but I held strong.

Too bad nova wasn’t so strong tonight :(

When I got home I was really hungry from my lame Luna bar dinner. I slapped a Morningstar farms corn dog in the microwave and dipped it in ketchup and mustard.

I am still hungry but I really need to go to bed having so i am trying more self control and not snacking more. Annoying loss… and hunger. sick night.


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