Ski weekend

As i mentioned before, this weekend a bunch of friends rented a house in the poconos to hang out and ski for the weekend. We usually do this about twice a year and theres about 15 people. We chip money and it covers a lot of drinks, communal food, and the house.

Usually after these weekends I feel awful because all I did was eat crap the whole time. I was determined this time to not Deprive myself but to not feel totally gross after ward.

I successed by trying not to snack all the time and wait until I was hungry to eat actual meals.

I started both mornings with oatmeal. Before skiing I had some eggs too for added protein.

I snacked on dried mangos a lot if I wanted a snack. Not so healthy but better then eating chips and dip.

For lunch on the slopes, I split with dan to limit my fried intake (sorry camera didn’t make it on slopes- I’m not a good skier and didn’t want to crash and crush it haha).

For dinner we made spaghetti and meatballs. I had whole wheat pasta and chicken meatballs.

Some other snacks that were had while drinking throughout the weekend:

I loved the icing of this. In fact I would take slices and just pick the icing off. Sorry to say but at least I didn’t pick it off the whole cake. Icing is my biggest weakness.

Sunday I had a turkey sandwich that I must have missed getting a pic of. With some pop chips on the side.

For dinner I had this awesome dish from my local Japanese/Chinese takeout, Shan Chuan, it’s called Tekka Don. First time getting it but soooo good. Just fresh tuna sushi on brown rice. I poured on soy sauce. I only wish there were some green veggies or salad involved. Next time.

Tomorrow it’s back to the grind. I ate better then usual for these weekends but I could really use my detoxifying week.


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