Fri road trip

Fitness: workout fun this morning so I could get it in before going to the Poconos after work tonight. I did 6 week 6 pack at home again so I could get a little extra sleep.

Breakfast was quick and easy. Fiber one bar and RF pb and a nectarine that was going to go bad if I didn’t eat it then.

Mmm gooey bar and creamy pb.

Morning snack was some mixed nuts. I was starving before i should have eaten a snack, so I thought the fat and protein in these would help.

Lunch was the same as yesterday. Lean pocket garlic chicken white pizza and Special k crackers.

Afternoon snack was a bunch of costco samples I didnt have time to snap pictures of. Rush on the lunch hour. Buuuut I had two samples of red velvet cake, crab dip, skinny hummus, pizza, skinny cow sandwich, a prune, some soba noodles… I think that’s it. Love samples.

For dinner we had long John silver which I was excited about because along with the fried they have good healthy options. Unfortunately for me the grilled tilapia I ordered was going to take 15 mins so I changed my order to a grilled chicken sandwich. It had mayo in one side (had… More like loaded with) so I ate one half the bread. The sides I had we’re not healthy but I felt good about my healthy entree. I had French fries and cheese curds. Cheese curds if your haven’t had are like mozzarella sticks but made with cheddar and are bite size. Sooo good. I didn’t get pics if this meal because we were packed in the car and barely able to set things down.

The remainder of Friday I drank a bunch of beer with friends in the ski house. I also snacked on a bunch of Swedish fish. Good snack because they took along time to chew haha.


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