Outside workout!

My back is feeling 10 thousand times better today! I also slept really well and the weather is springish. Thus I am in a good mood.

Looks like i’m on a grapenuts kick these days. Sorry!

-1/2 cup grapenuts
-1/2 banana (leftover from yesterday)
-few caramel and vanilla almonds
-skim milk

Adding nuts to this (I used to add pecans back in the day) is so good. You don’t need to many to have a few surprise spoonfuls with a sweet nutty taste.

Morning snack was the other half of my mango pack from yesterday. Summer, hurry up and get here. Bring your fruit! (yes, I’m a tool).

For lunch I had a lean pocket garlic white chicken pizza.

I heated this in the toasted oven for about 10 mins (for crispiness) then 1 in the microwave to make sure it was heated throughout.

On the side I had about 20 special k crackers (about 100 calories).

Afternoon snack was ff cherry yogurt with kashi good friends mixed in.

Vita on a beach ball.

Fitness: 100 pushup challenge W4D1 Also, today I did my first outside run since I was in FL for Xmas! I don’t like to run outside in the winter because 1. It’s cold 2. It’s sometimes cold and icy 3. It’s dark when I get up in the morning and when I get out of work and running in the dark is less fun. today it was warm so I sucked up running in the dark (dancing in the dark? I feel a song coming on) and only ended up being dark for about half the run. I can’t wait until daylight savings time! I knew this would be slow since it was my first road run in a long time. I did 4.89 miles in about 47 mins. Not too terrible for my first time out.

Aaaand, the best part was I got to use my garmin for the first time!! I got this garmin as an early birthday present from my parents. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here yet but I signed up to run my first half marathon! It’s May 22 and I am following a 12 week training plan. I will have a special post about my training soon. It officially starts February 28. Anyway I love being able to track my mileage and pace more accurately with the garmin.

But yes it dies look I’m wearing a small tv on my wrist. Totally worth it.

Dinner was a ff refried bean burrito and a side of veggies.

-1/4 c ff refried beans
-part skim mozz
-1 low carb tortilla
-mixed stir fry veg prepacked at the grocery store

Side of mixed veggies I bought precut at the grocery store. It had squash, onion, and dill. I sautéed it in a pan coated with Pam.

This meal was uh-may-zing. The burrito turned out awesome.. Just like t-bell! And the veggies were something different and very tasty. The whole meal was really filling as well. Definitely making more burritos like this. Btw it was also vegetarian… If you’re into that.

Now i am packing because i am going to the Poconos for a ski weekend with friends after work tomorrow. Super excited for a weekend of skiing and boozing. Going to try and get pics of the eats so maybe it will keep me from gorging myself on snacks all weekend. riiiight.


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