Valentines gym day

I was glad to wake up this Monday morning and not still feel like a truck hit me! I was still tired (I think I always will be as long as I have to get up before 7) but it was manageable. The weather today was a touch warmer too. Nice start to the day.

I haven’t had oats for breakfast in a while and they sounded good.

-1/2 c oats
-1/8 c steel cut oats
-some minty sprinkles
-some pink sprinkles (for vd haha)
-1/2 banana
-mixed frozen berries
-salt and sweet n low

These were so good since I haven’t had in a while. They were slightly menty, very creamy, and the frozen berries on top melted in and gave a nice tartness.

Other half of my banana was my morning snack with some peach that had a big bruise on it and left me with only half.

Lunch was Lean Cuisine Tortilla Encrusted Fish. I have raved about this in the past. It is good. Try it, you’ll thank me.

Afternoon snack was an apple.

Vita valentines message. I was actually really excited to eat my VT today since choc has been all over the office calling me name.

Fitness: I woke up and realized what day it was and was really excited… Not because of literal valentines day (which I find a lame holiday) but because every year on valentines day the gym is empty! I love it! I planned all day to get a seat in the Monday spin class. Which was to my dismay very full! I got the last bike! But whatever I got a bike and had a good workout.

Dinner I was feeling lazy… That’s why I got my blog namesake…

-tasty bite aloo palak
-precooked grilled chicken
-1/2 ww naan
-siracha for

This was delicious and only took 3 mins to throw together. The chicken, potatoes, and spinach were a good combo. I sopped up with the naan…obv.

For dessert I had a piece of godiva that was sent to the the gals of the marketing department today from a partner. I love raspberry and this had a delicious gooey raspberry filling. Mmmm happy valentines day to me. And to you too… I guess.


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