Huge lunch.. Oops

Fitness: yes, after a long while of missing my Friday Pre sun workout, I finally got up this morning. I stayed home so I could sleep a little extra and then did Jillian michaels 6 week 6 pack. I was pretty tired and my overall lack of energy this week made this a really tough workout to get through. I am glad to be done with that for the day and able to relax later. Hopefully I don’t fall asleep at my desk though.

I made breakfast at home and ate at work.

-2 slices carb style bread
-1 tbsp RF pb
-1 tbsp sf jelly
-1 tbsp fluff

So gooey and sugary and delicious!

Morning snack was an acme brand (it was $.75) low fat raspberry yogurt. I’ve never had their brand but it was only 90 calories for the cup and it was good. Reminded me of light n fit. I added a small handful of some low fat vanilla granola Leslie had which really kicked it up a notch.

I was starving at lunch today (sometimes happens when I an tired and/or work out in the morning). I started at panera with the you pick 2 chicken noodle soup and the southwest chicken panini sans the bacon.

Unpictured… I ate the other half of Dan’s asiago roast beef and some of his roll! Yikes. I was soo hungry. I’m not even stuffed right now! Gotta keep it light the rest of the day though.

I managed to not need a snack the rest of the day until dinner. Dan had yet to try sweet potato nachos so we made those.

I forgot to take a pic of these too! Oops. I’ve made these a bunch though so I’m sure you can imagine.

-sweet potato discs
-black beans
-ff mozz
-ff sour cream

Afterward we drove to NY with a stop at Sweet Ending frozen yogurt on the way. I had a mish mosh of flavors. I looooove mochi!


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