A flashback: can you eat unrefrigerated pizza?

Well, I am feeling much better today. No drinking like that for me for a while now.

Breakfast was sprouted whole grain cinnamon toast 2 ways.

-1 slice with a weight watchers Swiss cheese triangle

-1 slice with less then a tbsp naturally nutty choc cherry pb

Morning snack was an apple (I haven’t stopped to get fruit this week thus I only have apples. Can’t wait until other fruit is in season! (ps note I have been trying to make my apple pics more interesting haha).

Lunch was a progresso split pea with ham soup.

The soup was really good with hunks of peas, carrots, potato and ham. Didn’t see those potatoes coming.

And a white cheddar rice cake.

In the afternoon I snacked on about 1/4 c of soy nuts.

Preworkout south beach living choc pb bar.

Fitness: 100 pushup challenge, back to w4 d1. I will apparently be stuck here for a whhhhhile longer. Had my usual Tuesday gym night (see my workouts tab).

Dinner was imitation crab and macaroni and cheese leftovers over a big bag of spinach that I mixed with a little garlic, lemon, and “no salt”.

I was trying to make this a quick one so I just microwaved it all together. Turned out very tasty.

Here’s where the flashback comes in…. Senior year of college my roommate, Michelle (miiiii-siel), and I had spinach with lemon and garlic salt like 4 times a week. This was when we weren’t ordering dominoes pizza 5 medium pizzas for $5 each deal. In fact, if you ever wondered about whether pizza was safe if you left it out overnight Michelle and I are here (as in still alive) to tell you that yes, it’s fine. True story: we would order pizza when we got home from the bar (sometimes actually leaving the bar a little early to get it) and because we got the aforementioned deal, we would have 2+ whole pizzas leftover. Michelle and I shared a room on the first floor, the kitchen was on the second floor and we had a cat… These were factors in what I’m about to admit here (on my healthy living blog). The pizza we didn’t finish we would zip into a rolling suitcase (so the cat wouldn’t get it- that thing would eat anything, but that’s another story) under my bed. The next morning when we woke up hungover, we would unzipped the suitcase and dig in. Sometimes I’m sure I even ate it from that suitcase 2 days later. And no, this didn’t just happen once… It was about once a week. So there you have it. You’re welcome.

Anyway after my second garlicy dinner of the week, I had a handful of raisels.


2 Responses to A flashback: can you eat unrefrigerated pizza?

  1. miiiii-siel says:

    I can confirm that unrefrigerated, two day old pizza is safe to eat. However, our room was pretty cold. We’ve come a long way…kind of.

  2. Courtney says:

    We used to put our uneaten Pokey Sticks in the oven (turned off of course) over nite. So when Zach or any other drunk person barged into our apartment they were left unharmed. Usually. Until the next morning when we would devour what was left over. Left out at room temperature > Putting them in the fridge.

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