Looong Saturday

This weekend escalated quickly. We started by tailgating at my house. I made breakfast pizzas which are highly recommended! Did it 2 ways, one was homemade with a boboli crust and the other was a freschetta pizza just topped with egg halfway through the baking.

The more homemade one was the one I can account for and it was soooo good!

-boboli whole wheat crust
-canned pizza sauce
-ff mozzarella
-sprinkling of broccoli slaw
-crumbled center cut bacon
-with 10 mins left with the baking, crack 4 eggs on top.

Really good. Not for those of you who don’t like runny yolks. I sop it up. I had one really big peice and bacon on the side.

I also had some lienenkugel with breakfast and a few blue moons at the game.

After the game we got food at The Old Eagle, a bar by my house. I had a hot apple cider with snap (some gingerbread flavored liquor… Mmm) and an alagash white.

The old eagle has amazing food. I had a pulled pork sandwich with a side of their amazing fries.

After the eagle we went bowling and it was a BYO lanes so the night gets hazy from there and I stopped taking pics. Sorry! I’m sure it wasn’t cute anyway.

On Sunday I didn’t feel well most of the day, as you can imagine. Because of my “Irish flu” I missed taking sone of pics.

My first meal was 3/4 of a chicken an cheese quesidilla with fresh guac from Machismo burrito.

Then I did get one of this delicious yogurt tub from Sweet Endings in center city. White chocolate, strawberry, and cinnamon yogurt topped with pb cups and mochi. Mmmm

Dinner was super bowl party at my friends house (special guest post about some of the things they served to come). I had 2 primo hoagies peices and a big serving of Tommy Guns corn salad which was soooo good.

There you have it. I was barely functioning yesterday and probably most of Saturday as well.



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