Fried Egg Friday

For breakfast today I tried out the microwavable egg poacher my sister-in-law, Sam, sent me. The directions said break the eggs into the contraption, add 1 tsp water to each, break the yolk, and microwave for 1 min 25 secs.

Because the microwaves at work are as powerful as touching the sun, the eggs were not poached and more like over hard.. one was actually exploding.

I toaster ovened half a peice of whole wheat naan topped with ff mozzerealla and put the eggs on top of it with a packet of ketchup and some salt. I ended up removing the yolk of the exploding egg to cut down the calories a bit.

This actually wan’t bad, much better then scrambled microwave eggs. It was cooked more like an egg mcmuffin then a poached egg but that didn’t bother me. It was actually good that I was able to easily remove the yolk. The poacher contraption was also easy to clean (plus). Maybe next time I will try cooking for only 1 min.

Morning snack was the last of Lauren’s apple cinnamon fiber one muffins.

Lunch was reheated chicken fajita wrap leftovers from yesterday.

And a side of gold fish.

Later I had 3 candy cane kisses and a dark cho pb cup.

Pre gym I had a pumpkin spice granola bar.

These are sooo good. Look at the pepitas! Mmmm

Fitness: 100 pushup challenge w3 d3. I was nervous about this one because this was the first one got stuck of for months. I powered through it! Not only did I complete I did 5 more! 123 pushups is the most of done in a program day. I felt pretty good about it. Then took fro day night kickboxing class. My whole body was tired and sore from this weeks’ workouts so this was rough. And I still can’t hold my arms up for the 4 mins at the end of class. Especially after holding them up the whole class. Maybe one day.

Me, waiting for kb to start. You’re welcome.

I came straight home and was again really hungry. I snacked on olives while my sweet potato discs baked. Meant to just have a few but I finished the jar! Oops.

New tips for sweet potato discs… My roommate, Jess, suggested it and it had never crossed my mind… If you microwave the potato for 30 secs to a min before cutting it it softens it up for cutting. And thus keeps you from slicing off a nub.

-1 big yam
-ff refried beans
-ff mozz
-ff sour cream

I am so exhausted and my body is just tired. I don’t even want to move. Can’t wait to sleep. Until then I am waiting for young Dan-ielle to get here.


2 Responses to Fried Egg Friday

  1. samantha o'brien says:

    You lost me at that yam concoction… on another note, I tried the carbonara LC and it was as delightful as you said. I’m officially adding it to my rotation.

  2. love the yams!
    And also I love your blog name…”Maven” is one of my fave words :)

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