‘m back to the real world… And blog world. And my weekly detox. It is really cold out. Colder then I can ever remember it being. I sat at my desk with a scarf and blanket on most of the day.

Breakfast was uninspired. Everything bagel thin and a heaping tbsp of reduced fat creamy pb.

My everyday vitamins. One multi (for obvious reasons) and one co-enzyme q10 (for migraines).

Banana snack.

Field trip to Wendy’s for lunch because it was so cold out, warm fast food was needed. I had a baked potato with cheddar and broccoli and a side salad with ff French dressing and a diet coke. (total calories 390). This was filling and cozy on a cold day.

Afternoon apple snack.

Vita coaster.

Fitness: tried to get into the spin class but it was full :(. I improvised and did 30 mins of fartleks on the treadmill and 20 mins on the step mill.

I had a volleyball game so I had to throw dinner together super fast- cooked and consumed in 10 mines. I made a spinach artichoke chicken lean pocket and covered it in fat free sour cream and dipped it in hot salsa. On the side I had a white cheddar rice cake.

And then another rice cake for the road.

Volleyball was good. We only had 5 people so we were at a bit of a disadvantage but we won 2 games and lost one.

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