Holding out for dinner

I set my alarm to get up and work out before work today but when it went off I decided sleep was more important. I hate not going to the gym on Fridays but sometimes I really just need the extra hour of rest.

I was craving something chocolatey for breakfast and was glad when I remembered I had this: Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter. Oh myyy gaaa!!

I toasted 2 slices of sprouted wheat cinnamon bread and slathered it on. It tasted exactly like nutella! Soooo sooo good! It even had a slightly saltiness too it which was a an amazing surprise.

I must get a jar of this asap! I bought this little packet at Whole Foods. The packet would be convenient on the road. highly recommended! Naturally nutty has some competition in my cupboard.

Apple snack.

I made a naan pizza for lunch in the work toaster oven. It didn’t get as crispy as the actual oven but it was awesome still.

A side note about this naan … What calorie bargain! 300 calories for a huge slice! Also awesome protein (10g) and fiber (6g) counts for a full serving! Must buy again.

There were lunch treats so I had to have some. A brownie bite and a spoonful of icing. Love icing. It was hard to not got back for me. In fact I may later.

Aaaaand half a mini cannoli.

Afternoon snack: 100 calorie pack of popcorn. I love these packs. I don’t eat then often became if I eat popcorn before I work out I feel like I taste it the whole time. Popcorn and hummus are a no go before a work out for me. Anyone else have a food they can’t eat before a workout?

I got a coffee in 30th st before getting on the bus and while at Au Bon Pain resisting the delicious looking baked good,s I scooped up this snack: hummus black olives, cucs (rhymes with dukes). I also enjoyed a banana (not pictured)

As the title of this post suggests, tonight Dan wanted to go out to dinner. I usually don’t get into NY until 8:30or 9 pm. I normally can’t wait until 9 or later too eat. It’s way late and I get ravenous and then make bad choices. All day today I tried to eat a little bit more to stave off the hunger. Right now on this bus ride, I am starting to get hungry. I am not ravenous… Yet but by the time I get there I am going to need food. Anyway I’ll let you know how that goes. Fingers crossed don’t become hungry hungry hippos style.

Were going here mmmmmm can’t wait to dip some bread in some miserly goodness and try not to eat my body weight in frites!


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