1. Put a hole in the box…

I love this cereal. Frosted mini wheats have always been a favorite of mine. Thus the fiber one version, which adds even more fiber then the original, is a god sent. Full boxes of cereal usually last me a loooong time. This box was a record at about 2 weeks. Mmmm.

Here’s what about a cup serving looks like:

Morning snack was a handful of soy nuts. I love the crunchy texture of these- like a cross between popcorn kernels and corn nuts. I bought the honey roasted by accident, I prefer just the regular salted, but these are still salty and delicious. I poured out what I thought was about a 1/4 c (one serving on the bag) and then I weighed on the scale and was right! Just about 25 grams. I’m good.

Lunch was the other half of the Lean Cuisine Spring Rolls.

These, again, were so good!! I suggest everyone leave now and buy them. Today I had them with a side of sun chips to equal a 340 calorie lunch, which is right where I like to be.

Afternoon snack: apple and handful of almonds.

I also tried two of C-worker Brian’s delicious cheddar horseradish kettle chips. Love crunchy kettle chips and I don’t always love horseradish but there were really good.

It’s my Vita in a box:

Fitness: 100 pushup challened W4 D1 (I have been stuck on this day– i made a type-o the last time. Yup, still stuck here.) I had a super gym workout tonight I ran 3 miles at a 9-ish min mile pace and finished the 30 mins walking quickly. Then I wanted to get on the step mill but they were all taken so I got on the stair master on a random hill program for 25 mins. To round out a full hour, I got on the rowing machine and did 5 mins of 30 second sprint intervals. After feeding and a hot shower I am exhausted now.

Speaking of the feeding, I was so hungry I felt sick when I got home. I had preplanned dinner and I munched on it as it was heating up.

-imitation crab
-broccoli, cauliflower, carrot steam in bag
-blue cheese mustard sauce
-garlic toast (carb style bread, butter spray, garlic powder
-salt, pepper, Tabasco

So quick and easy to make and so much food (I couldn’t even finish it).

1. Put the bag of veg you’ve pierced with a fork in the microwave for 4 mins
2. In a pan coated with Pam put the crab. Stir it around so it gets browned all over.
3. In a bowl put one weight watchers blue cheese wedge, little bit of milk, tsp of mustard. Put in microwave for 30 secs, stir, put in for 30 secs more, stir.
4. Mix everything together.

I love imitation crab meat. It’s so versatile. It’s awesome warm and also great just cold strait out of the carton. As I alluded to my munching before, I finished the crab cold while the rest of cooking. The cheese sauce is also rest and versatile. Weight watchers and laughing cow have so many flavors of these wedges now too nso, if you aren’t a fan of blue cheese (usually I’m not a big fan) you can use the plain Swiss or any other variety.

For dessert I had 3 fish. Well this one came out of the bag body-less so I guess its more like 2.5.

All packed for New York tomorrow. Another snow storm is supposed to fall on us tonight. A delay of work mint be nice…. Wishful thinking.



One Response to 1. Put a hole in the box…

  1. chrissy says:

    “I love imitation crab meat. It’s so versatile. It’s awesome warm and also great just cold strait out of the carton.”

    When I read that I thought, “Yuban Coffee. You know you can sprinkle that stuff on anything? Ice cream, mashed potatoes, or just eat it right out of the can for a quick pick me up.”

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