More moroccan flava

Last night I found sprouted wheat cinnamon raisin bread at my notoriously awful (read has no healthy products and limited selections of everything) grocery store. This, I had to buy it and try it out this morning.

-2 slices sprouted wheat (sw?) cinnamon raisin bread toasted
-some butter spray
-3/4 c egg beaters

Started out eating them separate.

Then one side held the egg.

Then it was a team effort.

Yes, for the first time ever I brought eggs to work. I heated them in the microwave for about 3 mins, stirring once.

1. They oozed out of the container onto my other snacks en route to work.
2. They are a little more rubbery and dry then eggs cooked the regular way.
3. Overall this was annoying, I will just buy eggs from downstairs when I want them. Prepared with oil and all :(

As for the sprouted wheat bread, it had sort of a weird consistency. It was very chewy. I can’t yet say if would buy it again.

Morning snack was an apple sliced up, heated in the microwave, and topped with cinnamon.

And a handful of soy nuts for salt.

For lunch I had a new lean cuisine. Thai chicken spring rolls:

I think I have a new love hate relationship with these. It was amazing! They tasted like crispy, greasy spring rolls. Sooo delicious. However, the serving size is really awkward. One box comes with 2 servings of 3 spring rolls at 200 calories a serving. 200 is too little for lunch but 400 is too much (I prefer 300-350. Sometimes the 370 calorie pizzas). I supplemented my spring rolls with about a 1/4 of soy nuts (140) calories.

In conclusion, definitely go out and get these but maybe add a side salad or something.

Afternoon banana.

Preworkout cinco de vita (per coworker Brian):

Fitness: usual wed routine of teaching kick boxing (see my workouts tab).

Dinner was at chef Jae’s.

-pork in moroccan spices
-chunky applesauce
-mashes sweet potatoes
-stir fried mix veg
-small glass of wine

This was ahhhhmazing! The Moroccan spices on the pork worked really well- one was spicy and one was more like curry. Both were really delish and went well with the apple sauce as pork tends to do. The sweet potatoes were awesome too and simple seasoned with a little 1% milk, butter, and s and p. Great meal.


One Response to More moroccan flava

  1. Co-worker Brian says:

    With this weather, it shoulda been a stocking cap instead of a sombrero.

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