Naan pizza

Gross dreary icy morning… Had to schalack (I love that word) ice off of my car and drive extremely slowly to work. No bueno.

Mixing up breakfast today.

-1 c fiber one frosted mini wheats
-lots of milk

I don’t eat cereal at work often because it requires me to carry a cup of milk in, but I sucked it up today. I love cereal drowning in milk.

Banana as morning snack with some green tea.

Lunch was this delicious! Amy’s Black Bean Tamale Verde.

This was awesome! The tamale part is big and dense and tasty and the filling is delicious too– although there wasn’t much of that. Anyway, seems like a great swap for a full fat tamale. Besides I don’t know how and am probably too lazy to make tamales on my own.

Note to gross weather in the background:

Afternoon snack:

-15 cocoa roast almonds (I ate some before I took the pic)
-Gerber yogurt blends (I need to go to the grocery store and get fruit. I can’t eat shelf stable dairy all week haha)

Pregym snack was a South Beach diet protein fit chocolate peanut butter bar. This is the first time I’ve had this. Analysis: good chewy texture with yummy rice crispy-like pieces, weird fake peanut butter aftertaste. I would not recommend. Their regular pb bars (although on the hard side) are much better.

FYI on my pregym snacks: when I know I won’t be getting home until late (i.e. Tuesdays I get home around 8pm), I will have a slightly bigger (140-150 calorie) bar. Other days when I will be home by or before 7pm I stick with a 100 calorie vita top.

Fitness: usual Tuesday routine. See my workouts tab for deets.

Dinner: I bought this whole wheat naan at the bigger (read better with more variety) acme on Friday and was waiting to use it for a delicious pizza. Tonight was the night and it was super quick and a great low cal pizza option. If I wasn’t starving, I would have added toppings but I was trying to get it in the oven fast. I put the oven and broil and popped it in for 5 mins. While waiting I ate a bunch of these olives.

Close up of the almond filled one for you. These are sooooo good.

-ww naan (300 cals)
-1/2 c fat free mozzeralla (80 calories)
-tomato sauce (25 calories)

I put a little too much sauce. It really only needs a light coating. Also if I wasn’t in a rush, it would have been better to put the plain naan in the oven first to let it get a bit crisper and then layer the sauce cheese and toppings and put it back. Still good. The naan that didn’t have sauce on it got really crispy and the cheese was melty and mmmmm.

Looking sweaty eating UN fish for dessert.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and half the week is over! Yay!


2 Responses to Naan pizza

  1. Courtney says:

    A variation to your naan pizza that I always make: English muffin pizzas. Use the low-cal, high fiber ones and you can have 4 halves and put different toppings on each one. And it’s easy because English muffins are something you always have in your pantry.

    • I love comments!! Thanks, Court! That is a good, quick version, not sure why I don’t normally make that. Now that I’ve re-discovered the lightening fast speed of the boriler function on the oven i will experiment more.

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