Sesame noodles… Ehh

Jelly oats

-1/4 c steel cut
-1/4 c multigrain
-pinch salt, pumpkin pie spice, sweet n low
-1/2 banana
-1 heaping tbs sugar free jelly (I like raspberry)

Finished the banana as a morning snack. Here’s me chomping away. Yes, I am a tool. And, no, I did not eat the skin.

Lunch was lean cuisine Parmesan crusted fish. Delicious breaded cheesy goodness.

Wish there was more zucchini.

Afternoon baby food berry yogurt blend.

I got very tired at around 230. I was watching a tutorial at my desk and all I wanted to do was sleep. Ever have those times at work when you wake yourself up when your head falls? It’s terrible. Thank god someone needed me to do something outside then. It was frigid and woke me up. To stay awake I had a tea and then broke out the big guns: Starbucks sumatra coffee (aka the strongest blend we have on tap here at the office). Both were in my work coffee mug:

Pre-gym vita top. Making a phone call…

Fitness: 100 pushup challenge W4 D4. It was not a good day for pushups. I am probably still weak from holding my arms out for eternity in kb on Friday. After work, i ran a 5k and walked about a half mile more. Then I did boot camp. Today she used the bosu ball a lot. She used it with step moves, squats, planks, and then we actually picked it up and used it for more squats, shoulder presses and bicep curls. I liked using the ball. The instability was a little awkward at first but it was a fun way to mix this up. When we switched back to the step it felt weird.

I had to stop for gas on the way home and in that time, I got ravenous! I was glad to have the cold sesame noodles already prepared.

-cold sesame noodles with peas (lots of peas)
-chick’n patty with a splash of teriyaki sauce
-4 olive bar olives
-I never snap a picture but try to mention every now and again that I always have a glass of milk on the side

As far as the cold noodles are concerned, this wasn’t my best recipe. It was good but I think it could have lost or used very little oil and just tossed it in teriyaki. For some reason the peas didn’t really work in this either. They wouldn’t mix in! That is why when I went for the final serving of this today there were a ton of peas. Good for my weekly greens but annoying for the recipe.

I am in bed already. Yes, it’s 8:30. I don’t want to be falling asleep at my desk again tomorrow so I plan on having lights off (meaning put the iPad down np reading blogs- always keeps me up at night!) at 9pm. Goodnight!


2 Responses to Sesame noodles… Ehh

  1. ulla says:

    WOW that is alot of peas! I don’t eat many veggies. and when i do it isnt a lot of them, maybe a small quarter of a plate. Any suggetions on making veggies taste good? any recipes?

    • I would say start by incorporating them into what you currently eat. For instance, if you have pasta throw some broccoli, extra tomatoes, spinach, zucchini, whatever in there. If you are making a sandwich add peppers, tomato, cucumbers, etc. Veggies are a great calorie bargain so you can eat a ton for minimal calories and they are super filling!

      As for recipes if you browse the blog you can find some of my favorites. I think most commonly I will put marinara on them (so the stuff above minus the pasta), make a cheese sauce using laughing cow light wedges and a little skim milk, butter spray and salt, or just buy the green giant frozen packs that have low fat sauces. My favorite veggie is green bean casserole (it’s very easy to make a low fat/ cal version) but I don’t do it often because it’s not as quick as some other ways.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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