Can’t get enough sweet potato discs

Happy Friday! These week has been dragging despite the late day Wed. and the basketball game that night. I am glad it’s almost the weekend. I slept in today instead of getting up to work out because I’ve been exhausted every morning and since I’m not headed to NY tonight I can hit the gym after work.

I really wanted a sweet delights breakfast treat so I had a vita top covered in pb. I heated the frozen top for 20 seconds and then slathered a heaping tbsp (meaning slightly bigger then a tbsp) on. It melted the pb and was a gooey pb and chocolate pile of deliciousness.

I am getting sick of oranges after eating basically a whole bag this week, so I was happy to et the final 2 this morning and get rid of said bag. I realized that oranges, unlike other fruit really don’t fill me up and I am not a huge fan of that. I am oranged outfit a while now.

Lunch was a healthy choice chicken noodle soup. This was scrumptrulescent. There were really big chunks of white meat chicken and lots of perfectly cooked noodles. I only wish there were more veg.

I had 50 goldfish on the side that I borrowed from Leslie. Thanks, Leslie!

After lunch I ate this miniature peppermint patty I have been hoarding at my desk for a while.

I was craving something salty for my afternoon snack and had nothing that would work in my snack drawer except grits. So that’s what I had as my random afternoon snack.

Trail mix bar Pre gym.

Fitness: I took a kick boxing class that was really tough. Glad to know I have that option on Fridays. I never knew! At the end he made us hold our arms straight out for 4 mins. Thought I was going to die. Try it out, it seems easy but after the first min you really feel the burn. I also ran 1.25 miles beforehand.

After the gym, I was craving the sweet potato disc nachos I made yesterday. I stopped at the grocery store for the components so I wouldn’t have to steal from my roommates again. I got hungry so I stopped at the olive bar for snack for the drive home (yes, its like a 2 mile drive).

Black- love
Green stuffed with almonds- awesome
Green stuffed with jalapeño- really good
Green stuffed with red pepper- ehh
Green stuffed with blue cheese- nope

I had a few of each kind. The sweet po-tot nachos were again awesome. I couldn’t even finish, they’re so filling. Mmm

With a side leinenkugel sunset wheat … Mmm fruit loops. It tastes like them. I swear. Do yourself a favor and find this beer.

now I’m catching up on Jersey Shore and eating fish. 4 to be exact.


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