Snow snow, go away

Breakfast oats are back!

-1/4 c steel cut
-1/8 c multigrain
-pinch salt, nutmeg, sweet n low
-2 tbsp pumpkin butter
-1 weight watchers cheese wedge
-frozen pom seeds

I didn’t have banana so I used the pumpkin butter and cheese to make it creamy. It turned out creamy but I like the banana oats better. It also turned out really pumpkiny. It was a good change up from normal oats.

Morning snack (i only have oranges this week and no other fruit so you’ll be seeing a lot of then until I pick up something else): orange and cocoa dusted almonds. These oranges are really small and not filling so supplementing with the almonds makes it a heartier snack.

At lunch I restocked my freezer! Out of the many frozen favs I bought I chose this Amy’s cheese enchilada. This particular meal is higher in fat then I usually would eat at lunch (I would usually come I. At 10 g or lower) but the calorie count is low. I’ve had it once before and it was really good except the microwave at work nuked it and all the cheese came out.

Today I used the package directions (which I rarely never do. It said microwave on half power for 4.5 mins and then on high for 1.5. Well after 4.5 nuked again. Better then the last time but still cheese everywhere. It was delicious melty cheese though. This was covered in Goya, clearly.

Cheeeeeeese (old school voice)

Afternoon snack was the same as the morning so I didn’t bother taking a pic. I told you I needed fruit!

Fiber one pre gym. Hanging out in front of my work snack stash.

Thought I would give you glimpse into my work stash:
There’s tea

Hot sauce and condiments… And Peanut butter and almonds.

Apple slicer

Grits, popcorn, and emergency balance bars

Stolen ketchup and salt packets

Bowl (there’s also a food scale.. The white box upper right.. Sometimes you gotta measure)

Baby food shelf stable yogurts and more tea

-100 push up W4 D1
-45 mins pilates class
-taught hour spin class
-rushed out to get back home and find parking before the snow storm and ran into the house because I was freezing and pouring snow (I hate the cold!)

Dinner I was feeling uncreative and by the time I get home on Tuesdays its late (like 8:15 which is really late for someone who goes to bed at 9:30ish haha. I know I’m lame). So I quickly through together a meal similar to last night.

-morningstar chickn’ patty
-TJ’s multigrain pilaf
-leftover spaghetti squash (about a cup)
-handful of salad bag
-ja-lap-a-no mustard, used carefully
-light peppercorn ranch dressing

I started by heating the squash and pilaf and mixing them together with a few squeezes of the mustard. I put a handful of greens in the mix. I heated the chickn’ and slapped it on top, then I drizzled it all with ranch.

This was delicious. The ranch balanced out the spicy mustard. This pilaf is awwwesome. It needs some sort of greens or green veg with it and it makes a perfect and flavorful meal. Mmm.

2 gummy fish for dessert

Now I am praying it doesn’t snow too much tonight. We’re supposed to get a lot but I really don’t want to have to clear my car off and then trudge slowly into work or worse, take a PTO day. Kill myself.


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