I never knew I could love a mustard so much..

good morning! I always feel weird writing “in the moment” since I write throughout the day and post at night. But it is a good morning now (we’ll see how the rest of my day goes as I finish this post). I hit snooze a bunch of times and wasn’t feeling well when the alarm went off but once I got up it was fine. anyway I have a fun week ahead. I have tickets to 2 Villanova games and volleyball starts back up tonight.

Anyway on to breakfast, a toasted everything bagel thin with a tbsp of naturally nutty choc cherry pb. Lots of cherries in this spoonful. Mmm.

Morning snack (predictive text changed that to anal at first as in morning anal… Hahah/ yikes) was an orange and some cocoa dusted almonds. If you haven’t tried these… You must. ’twas a delight. (said in Will Ferrel Troll in Central Park voice).

Still out of lunches in my work stash so I brought this bad boy from home. First time trying TJ’s soba noodles bowl.

These were a little dry but with some goya slathered on became wonderful and I really enjoyed the chewy texture, there was lots of vegetables and even tofu pieces. So good I wanted it for dinner as well. Must purchase again.

In the afternoon I had an apple and a south beach diet cinnamon raisin protein fit bar.

Fitness: I took a spin class since that got me home earlier then going to boot camp and I have volleyball tonight. The class was kind of boring and I had a hard time pushing myself with the drills the teacher used. I felt like a light class was good for the cold I’ve been fighting though so there ya have it.

When I got home I was starving! My head was jumping everywhere about what to eat. Everything sounded good. This meal was put together in 4 mins. Microwave to mouth. Blurry photo shows you the rush I was in to eat. I was staaaarving.

While the microwave was going I opened up the new mustard my sister in law, Sam, sent me. Beaver jalapeño mustard. I dipped a few pretzels directly in. It was amazing.. Very spicy I decided I needed to incorporate it into my meal.

-TJ’s multigrain pilaf
-chickn’ patty
-salad bag
-few grape tomatoes (what I had left)
-a couple dollops of jalapeño mustard all around

This was awesome! The pilaf has some beans in it and a hearty grainy texture. I loved it. I always love chickn’ patties and salad bags. The mustard really took this to the next level… And then passed it… because it singed my mouth! I love spicy food and I can handle quite a bit of spice. My nose was running (aside from the cold) my mouth was on fire. It was hot! Love <3 thanks, Sam!!!!

After dinner I had some dessert to cleanse the scorched mouth. A little mocha pb (didn't taste mocha but tasted more choc then the choc cherry) and some ff cool whip. I ended up having a tbsp of pb and half the carton of cool whhhhhip! Oops at least that's only like 200 calories. This is why you always serve it out! (arrested development quasi reference one)

Now Im’ off to volleyball. Let’s go, Loose Seals! (arrested development ref 2, anyone?)


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