This Is What My Balance Looks Like

Another blogger posted this topic the other day and challenged others to post as well. This weekend was the epitome of my balance so I thought I would share.

My balance is my 80/ 20 lifestyle. As I’ve written before, this basically means I try to be healthy 80% of the time and the other 20%, I let go. For example…

During the week I find it very easy to eat healthy. I count my calories, watch my portions, make sure to eat fruits, vegetables, protein, fiber etc. I limit treats, alcohol, mindless snacking.

During the week, I go to the gym everyday. I have intense workouts, sweat a ton, push myself as hard as I can. I play sports. I go to bed by 10 pm and make sure to get enough sleep.

During the week I keep up to date with current events and read CNN religiously. I watch little TV. I keep in touch with friends through phone calls, texts, and emails.

Then there’s the weekend (which sometimes includes all of Friday).

I can’t be perfect all the time and that’s what the weekend is for.

On the weekend, I eat what I am craving. Sometimes that’s a salad or making my own healthy meal. Other most times it’s loooooots of sour patch kids and candy bars. Sometimes it’s fried food, fast food, pizza, cookies, ice-cream for dinner, you name it… I sometimes eat until my stomach hurts and throw calorie counts out the window.

On the weekend, (and I know this should be grouped with the food but it’s getting its own section) I drink. I loooove beer. I love trying new beers. I love pitchers of beer. I love wine, mimosas, car bombs (recent haha), Irish coffees, sangria. I like to drink and do drinking related activities- beer fests, tailgates, drinking games, bar crawls, anything really. Anyway, you get the point. I like my alcohol.

On the weekend, workouts are taken when I can get it. If I am feeling up to it, I like to make it to the gym. Sometimes I enjoy a light workout on the elliptical while reading a magazine, running a short 30 mins around my neighborhood, walking places instead of driving, taking a pilates or yoga class. Many times I don’t do anything. My exercise involves walking to the door to get the food from the delivery guy or getting ready to go out while dancing to Kesha… Or carrying Dan around on my back.

On the weekend, I am in my own little world. I may mean to text you back or call but completely forget. If I am watching TV for hours on end my phone might not even be near me. A marathon of a TV show is a welcome addition, along with not moving for looooong periods of time. Or watching nova play basketball (the case this weekend). I am out of touch and on the couch.

On the weekend, I go to bed at 12, 2, for 4 am. Even when I have to wake up early the next day.

A new addition is… sometimes on the weekend, I don’t feel like blogging. I don’t want to waste time taking pictures of everything I ate because I am starving or embarrassed to food stalk, or just really don’t feel like discussing or would rather for that instant live in the moment, with the people I’m with, eating the food I’m eating without thinking of a great word to adequately describe the taste of something or explain why I don’t care that I ate an 800 calorie lunch.

So my post for this weekend, was going to be a minimal amount of pictures without words but I got inspired. I was living in the moment, as I said and Kailey mentioned in her post, and not blogging. But I realized that’s what life is about. Balance. I am not always going to be perfect.

This weekend I got a bad cold. My new go to food for when I’m not feeling well is sour patch kids (don’t ask.. I have no answer) and I ate a lot while doped up on nighttime cold meds.

I wanted pancakes for breakfast and found this healthier alternative. Sweet potato pancakes, turkey bacon, egg whites. gross Ginger carrot apple juice I will never get again. what I was craving but good for me.

I saw friends and had a bunch of south hampton double white beers (amazing and not pictured) and also had a ton of pizza (not noteworthy, nor pictured..but free with beer purchase… Awesome).

Lazy heated up meal when i had tons of time to prepare one instead.

Unmeasured amounts of hummus and pretzels

Awful iphone photos.

Anyway I did not take many pictures and took a break from blogging this weekend. I will be back on track… In touch with everyone and the world, eating healthy, working out, blogging, not sitting on my “ay” in front of the tv all day and enjoying my balance tomorrow.

Although I struggle to have more balance (my 80/20 is sometimes kore like 70/30), I try not to feel too guilty because i know I will be back on track on Monday…

That is my balance.


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