Full yet?

Fitness: Woke up at 5:45am this morning to get in a workout. Doing the on demand work outs at home let me sleep in an extra 45 mins, kind of enjoying it. Today I chose Jillian Michaels’ 6 Week 6 Pack. It was 40 mins long and was actually pretty hard. She didn’t have a lot of rest between moves and some of the cardio drills were intense, such as burpees and mountain climbers.

When I went out to my car to get to work it was snowing pretty heavily. There was a lot of powdery stuff on my car but I was grateful that it was easily brushed off, however my hand and the bottom of my pant legs got rather wet in the process. The ride into work was pretty slow because of the slushy roads. Annoying. Could have been worse I guess… By 10am it had already stopped.

Anyway just another slightly more annoying than usual morning because of the snowy northeast. I need to get away from the cold!

In my rush to get out the door this morning, I packer lunch and made dinner (for the bus) but forgot breakfast. I reached into my work stash and had this Quaker Oatmeal To Go bar and a bag of grits.


I snagged the to go bar from a work meeting snack basket a while back. I have had it once before and wasn’t too impressed. This time I took the packages advice and warmed in the microwave. The warm bar was soft, sweet and chewy which was nice but I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase these. The stats aren’t that great and neither are the bars. Sorry, Quaker guy.

I was hungry really early again today and had a small serving of cocoa dusted almonds and a coffee again.

I am out of frozen meals in my work fridge so I brought in this Campbell’s healthy request New England Clam Chowder for lunch and added a bunch of Goya. Creamy and spicy with delicious potatoes and lots of clam chunks. I had a side of pumpernickel pretzels.

In the afternoon I realized I was destined to be hungry all day kong. I just could not get full. I had some gum to keep me busy and try and keep me from seeking out candy (good trick).

Then I had a snack to try and combat: baby food yogurt blend mixed berry flavor and some more almonds. Yes, I sometimes eat baby food. It’s low cal and they don’t add a lot of sugar or anything. This one is tart and creamy.. And shelf stable haha.

Later, an apple.

After work I made my way to NY. Preview: Car–>Train–>Bus–>Train–>Car. While waiting I became ravenous and planned to attack my dinner the moment I sat down. *excuse bus pictures* I had this sandwich:

-crusty roll
-tbsp hummus
-some greens from a salad bag
-ff feta cheese

I was not pleased with this. There was way too much bread and it overpowered the rest of the ingredients. The only other thing I could taste was the hummus… Barely. The bread overload made it very dry. Sad. I had a bunch of sides which finally left me feeling satiated.

Pumpernickel pretzels

Baked lays

3/4 raisin box

Brown bagged Franziskaner

I am now sipping the beer which is somewhat warm and unpleasant. Now that it’s open on the bus though I have to finish it. Food and beverage on the bus tonight has been disappointing. And I just know I’m going to get hungry again.

Does anyone else have days where they just can’t seem to get full?


One Response to Full yet?

  1. edenseats says:

    I can write a book on fullness! I think my whole eating disorder was based on this desire I had to be full. I’d eat next to nothing all day and eat all my day’s worth of calories at night. I love going to bed stuffed. But I felt like if I was full from other meals throughout the day, I’d be a whale. Anyhow this was not a healhty cycle and although I was emaciated, I was so bloated, I looked pregnant!
    These days, I eat filling foods frequently. Always protein, fat, and carb for meals/snacks. But then again, there are days where I feel like a bottomless pit and days where I just dont feel like it. But I think its totally normal to feel that way.
    PS, I see grits and I’ll I think of is that I want some shrimp with it!

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