Lesson on Work Lunch Improvising

Breakfast this morning was my final Thomas’ English muffin. I realized just now they changed the name of these from light to triple health. They have the same high protein, high fiber, 100 calorie stats. I guess call it what you want, Thomas. Anyway I tipped it with a weight watchers swiss cheese triangle and a tbsp of apple butter and paired it with an orange.

This combo reminds me of the flavor of a cheese Danish. Slightly cheesy, slightly fruity and sweet, carby and delicious. You can also top it the cheese and jelly or other spreads.

I was hungry for my snack really early today (usually i eat it at 11 but at 10 i was starving) and i had a banana.

Unfortunately I was again hungry at 11. I almost dipped into some almonds but knowing I had a special lunch ahead of me I had a cup of coffee instead. I don’t always mention when I have coffee. Which is a few times a week whenever I need a caffeine boost but thought I would mention this since I used it to curb my appetite. And, it worked.

Coffee is a trick I sometimes use to quell hunger. The mix of the caffeine and keeping my mouth busy (that’s what…) helps me to hold off until my next meal or snack.

Now to the subject of this post. As you know, I work in an office and generally control my eating at lunch by having portion controlled microwave meal. In an office full of people I have to have an iron will with not eating extras people set out or offer and when we have group lunches. There are a few ways I minimize the damage these meals out can cause.

1. I encourage going to a restaurant that provides nutritional data. Large chain restaurants are pretty good about this nowadays and it’s easy to find something within your calorie budget before you go and stick with it.

2. If the place does not provide the nutritional stats, however, it’s not the end of the world. This was my scenario today. Trick is to have a little bit of the high cal/ fat stuff and load up with low cal sides.

Today was coworker Leslie’s birthday lunch and she wanted pizza from a mom and pop place near our office called Maria’s. Places like this never have nutritional information so I had to improvise. Since we were ordering as a group my ability to customize was limited. There were two pizzas, this ridiculous meat one (bacon, sausage,And pepperoni) and plain cheese.

I took a slice of the cheese (with Goya of course) and a large side salad (lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber) with balsamic vinegar (only the vinegar really don’t need the oil). When I was done i could have eaten more but I waited it out before grabbing another slice.

Toward the end of lunch hour i was still a little hungry so i split one more slice.

(little guy)

Intuitive eating? Anyway so that’s how you maneuver work lunches without feeling guilty, greasy, and gross afterward.

Afternoon apple.

Goofy fish or scary giveaway pen PLUS vita top.

Fitness: went to rowing class (see description in My 2 Cents) because I haven’t been in a while. New teacher today. She did a lot more on the bike and a lot of sprint work. It was really good! We did 6 min of 20/40 (20 mins sprint 40 moderate pace) then 4 mins of 30/30 then another 6 min where she called out the sprint every minute and it was between 20 and 30 secs. The sprints were hard and I like how the teacher stand behinds you and yells. Motivating you and holding you accountable so you can’t slack.


-leftover spaghetti squash with pesto with lots of RF Parmesan
-4 turkey meatballs
-makeshift garlic bread

I had bought rolls for Jae yesterday as a backup if the pesto didn’t turn out. My backup was meatball subs. It turned out great so today since I didn’t use any pasta I broiled the roll in the oven for about 3 mins, spritzed with butter spray, sprinkled with garlic and Parmesan. Still good the second day.

For dessert I had one chocolate covered cherry. When I have chocolate prices for dessert i really like to savor with a few bites. This one if so hard to do that. Somehow I managed to do 3 bites today. And I really enjoyed it. If I take more bites and savor I am less likely to want more.

Tomorrow I am going to do an at home workout, go to work, and then hopefully catch the bus to New York. Hoping the predicted snow doesn’t ruin my travels. Goodnight.


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