It’s possible… low cal pesto!

Went to bed last night with… Heartburn again! Ugggh that Indian food awesome but I pay for the spiciness later. The first time I ate it it didn’t happen. Now?! Da well, Im still eating extra spicy orders. I love it too much.

Anyway, rant over. For breakfast I finally bit the bullet and got 2 scrambled eggs from the place downstairs.

I ate the eggs with 2 oranges. My throat hurt so I was craving vitamin c.

I missed my snack this morning because I had a meeting but I sipped on some mint tea to soothe my throat during it.

Lunch was my last lean cuisine: Parmesan crusted fish. I love this one! The fish is nicely breaded and it has lots of veggies in the pasta. It also has delicious crusty cheese on top.

I also had 10 cocoa roast almonds on the side since I missed my snack. These are an addiction now, so hard to eat a small portion!

Afternoon snack was a banana.

Vita top fresh from the microwave… Gooey and delicious.

Fitness: 10 pushup challenge w4 d1. Then normal wed routine.

For dinner I needed to finish the other half of the huge spaghetti squash I had in my fridge. I also had a craving for pesto sauce for some reason. I would never make pesto because it’s so oily and calorie dense so I decided to make my own slim downed version. This was amazing so take notes!

-2/3 can of chicken broth
-pesto sauce packet (found near the dry seasonings and taco seasoning area of the market)
-small can mushroom pieces- drained
-1.5 tbsp whole wheat flour (eyeballed to thicken the sauce)

I microwaved the spaghetti squash half for 15 minutes and scooped it out and made some whole wheat pasta as well (mostly because Jae was over for dinner but I was glad to have some pasta for this sauce).

My plate had lots of squash, small serving of ww pasta, 4 turkey meatballs (broiled in the oven until crisp mmm), and lots of reduced fat Parmesan cheese.

This pesto turned out awesome! It was also very simple to make. I just combined all the ingredients (flour last) in a pot and stirred. The flour thickened up the broth without adding a lot of calories and added some fiber as well. This was everything i dreamed it would be. Pesto sans the oil, fat, and calorie content! I am def making again! As for the spaghetti squash, it was not as good with this sauce. Definitely better with a hearty tomato. However, it was nice to have it to bulk up a small portion of pasta.

Make this pesto and tell me what you think. It might be my best concoction yet!


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