Today I am hoping the heart burn doesn’t strike again.

Breakfast was a packet of instant grits and a light thomas’ English muffin with 2 tbsp sugar free raspberry jelly. I really wanted eggs but didn’t feel like going downstairs. Probably time to have an office egg stash.

Morning snack Was a TJ’s blueberry Greek yogurt. This is thick and creamy and awesome. It also only has 120 calories and an amazing 13 grams of protein!

Lunch was something new. This was near the Hormel chili meals that I love (you know, shelf stable) so thought I would try it. Chi chi’s Fiesta Plates Salsa Chicken. I went with only a tiny bit of Goya hot sauce instead of something spicier just in case.

Side of 60 calories airplane pretzels (the meal was only 260 so had to add something).

The meal was pretty bland and the rice was very overcooked. Not terrible but I don’t think I would buy again. It may have been better of I had used spicier hot sauce. Anyway def wasn’t as good as the Hormel chili n Mac or chili and spuds. I probably wouldn’t get this one again.

Macintosh apple afternoon snack.

Preworkout south beach diet protein fit cinnamon raisin bar. The icing on top of these bars is really good but I wish they were chewy like the fiber one bars. I still really like it and it’s peanut butter counterpart.

On my way out of work, I had a few cocoa almonds to tide me over until dinner.

Usual Tuesday. See my workouts tab.

Dinner I braved the rest of the indian food leftovers. Chicken schwarma (I think?). It has chicken and spinach… Kind of oily but it was a small portion. I also had a slice of whole wheat white toast and a salad of greens, tomato, hummus, and balsamic.

Dessert was a small handful of raisins to clear the slickness of the Indian food out of my mouth. Spiciest food I’ve had in the while. Love.


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