Feelin the burn… Heart burn

Back to oats for breakfast today. You’re welcome!

-1/8 c steel cut
-1/4 c multi grain
-salt, pumpkin pie spice
-3/4 of a small banana
-frozen pomegranate seeds

Snacked on the remainder of the banana and a few cocoa roasted almonds.

Lunch was those amazing Indian leftovers from yesterday. Dal Tadka and some roti reheated. Still spicy and sooo delicious.

And some of coworker Brian’s pulled pork.

In the afternoon I got tired and decided I needed a coffee if I was going to make it through my workout tonight. I had the coffee with this delicious macintosh apple.

The combo of spicy Indian food and coffee was no bueno. I started getting heart burn late afternoon and alas I had no Zantac on hand :(.

Vita top delivery in my work mailbox pre work out.

Fitness: went to MLS and planned to do my normal fartlek routine. Instead the heartburn became terrible the faster I ran so I improvised. I kept the sprints at 8.5 but I would go down to walking for 30 secs at 4.0 and then back to 6.5 for 30 secs in between. The walk allowed me to get water to cool the heart burn. Even with the modification, I felt awful. I managed to go 3.7 miles in 35 mins. Poor showing. I almost left after that but told myself to try a little bit of boot camp and see how I felt. It was a new teacher and was much easier then the regular one, so I was able to stick it out. She used a bunch of different equipment which was kind of cool to try (first time using a body bar) but she was all over the place. I think one or two types of weights per class is fine. Anyway I made it through 1.5 hour Monday again. Hopefully next week is better then this one.

When I got home I knew needed something that wouldn’t further irritate the heart burn so I went with leftover tuna salad from yesterday. I was starving so instead of broiling like I did yesterday I microwaved. Not quite as good because the tuna got hot with the cheese but still delicious. If you ever make tuna steaks I would definitely recommend doing this with the leftovers. So much better than using canned tuna.

-tuna steak with tiny bit light mayo and brown mustard
-1 slice 2% American cheese (I would normally use ff but am out)
-side of 2 was a crackers and tbsp of hummus
-as always big glass of milk on the side… Even bigger today to cool the burn so to speak

I thought I was still hungry after that but walked away for a bit and now I’m fine. My stomach still feels but finally got a tums and some Zantac in it. Why am I like an 80 year old man with heartburn? Waaa.


One Response to Feelin the burn… Heart burn

  1. Bernie says:

    Its probably genetic; keep tums handy

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