New year

Well I pretty much drank through the past few days. My body hates me. There was lots of beer, champagne, mimosas, car bombs, Irish coffee, and margaritas in there. Not the healthiest weekend but it was fun… Until I got hungover in the middle of the night on Saturday. Not so fun.

Anyway here are the eats.

Dan and I cooked a seafood feast new years eve.

-lobster tail on sale at acme with butter spray
-tuna steaks in mesquite lime marinade (only 10 calories a tbsp)
-green beans with spray butter
-salad mix with tomato and ff thousand island
-baked sweet potato fries disks

Lienenkugel a fav beer.

I made a red velvet cake with cake mix and diet soda and rotel dip to take to the party.

-2 cans rotel
-2 boxes velveetta light
-1 box ff cream cheese
-hot sauce

I was stuffed at the party but made room for many chocolate liquor shot and pizza dip.

These were a fun party shot thanks to my brother, Shawn.

Roommate Lauren and I.

Pam, lauren, and I

More shots

Dan and I.

Jae and I.

Happy new year!

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