New year part deux

On new years day we woke up early feeling slightly hungover and… Began drinking. I made mimosas and an egg casserole (new favorite way to serve a group of people breakfast).

-box of egg beaters
-ff mozzarella cheese
-jalapeños and tomatoes (used the slap chop to slice! Thanks Sam and Bernie!)

I prepared the night before and then just loped it in the over in the morning while I was getting ready. We had center cut bacon (it’s lower fat and calories then other bacon and similar in stats to turkey but more authentic) and brownies.

After breakfast we went to a bar in center city at 17th and the parkway called Con Murphys.

Kit and I.

I had a variety of drinks throughout the day. And we ordered food.

-chicken fingers with honey mustard (I had one or two)
-tench fries with cheese dip (had a few but I remember them being too salty)
-Mac n cheese (so good, I had a bunch).

Some action shots:

(he went MIA circa 4pm)

I probably should have gone with him….

Dan and I got separated from the group because we had to return to the bar to get his credit card that he left. We couldn’t find them so we stopped at Mexican Post in the city to have margs and this appetizer platter. I didn’t really like the platter. I had some empanadas, which were good but very fried, quesidilla which was good, and some jalapeño poppers. I didn’t really like the yucca fries and I don’t like wings.

Chips and salsa.

The kids came to meet us.

Then we went home…. And turned.


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