New years eeeeve

Well my day didn’t completely go according to plan but it was good none the less.

Fitness: Woke up around 8 and went to the gym for a long sess. I did 45 mins of a body works class that was actually really hard and very leg intensive. Many square, lunges, and leg lifts on my already sore legs. I held back a bit because I knew i needed to save some energy for spin. I left body works a little early to get to spin. The teacher talked a lot and didn’t have the music loud enough. He also too really long recovery breaks. Annoying. I made the most of it and pushed myself really hard during the drills (he had some pretty good drills) and during his breaks I kept pushing. By the end of the hour, I had pushed myself and got a really good work out. After spin I went out and did my pushups (w4 d4). Then I did a bunch of ab work such as crunches, obliques on the standing machine thing, leg lifts, etc. I feel awesome now. I wish I had that much time to dedicate to the gym more often.

After working out I went tot the grocery store to pick up dinner for tonight and goods to bring to the house party I’m going too. You see my new years plans are low key tonight… House party at my college friends that live one street over. Taking it easy because tomorrow we are waking up early for some kegs and eggs action and taking the train into center city for The mummer parade. Going to be drinking all day, watching a little bit of people dressed up in crazy costumes and string bands, and hanging out in bars. I’m excited.

Anyway, by the time I got home around 12 I was starving. I had a lot of cereal for breakfast. I was so hungry I didn’t measure it out. Fiber one mini wheats and skim milk.

One really full bowl.

Another half full bowl.


As you can see, I love cereal drowning in milk. Mmmmm.

After I showered, cleaned my room, did some laundry. If you can believe it this wall was covered in random stuff (Christmas gifts, coats, etc).

I removed stuff from the floor and bow it only has this. Much less cluttered.

I snacked on 10 cocoa roast almonds

And a starbucks via with silk nog to get me some caffeine energy for the night.

Now I’m headed to get Dan from the train and make food. Back tomorrow in the new year!

Hap new! (inspired by my fav way to wish happy birthday from hap b… Don’t ask)

2 Responses to New years eeeeve

  1. samantha o'brien says:

    I think I need to come visit – your walls need some color!!!

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