Nut rant

Back to the grind today… Well, sort of. Woke up at my usual time and got ready for work. First day of the week (usually monday), I try to tidy up my room a bit. I did that today since it is the first day of my week and was ready to leave on time. Here’s where that “sort of” comes in, there was no traffic. It took me like 15 mins door to door. There are also not many people and the office is dead. So back to my schedule but not completely because it’s so quiet around here.

Breakfast was an Arnold multigrain sandwich thin with one tbsp naturally nutty chocolate cherry pb. I finished the bag of thins. I really want my next bread purchase to be different. I want to try Ezekiel bread (it’s sprouted high protein bread). I am not sure where to find it though. As you may be able to tell the markets around me are not really for the health conscious. Special trip to whole foods perhaps? Does anyone know if they have it?

I have no fruit left since I was out of town, so I had the last Athenos blueberry Greek yogurt for my morning snack. This yogurt needs to become available at places other then Walmart otherwise I can’t buy it (too out of the way).

Lunch was a lean cuisine (I still have a few in the work freezer reserves).

I love the sesame chicken lean cuisine! It’s in competition for my favorite (said competition includes the vegetable egg roll and chicken carabanara). The chicken is deliciously breaded and the sauce is sweet. The noodles are overcooked in a delicious take out Chinese sort of way. I only wish there was more chicken. When I eat it I cut the chicken into as many bites as I can to drag out the time it takes to eat.

Afternoon snack (another improvised snack without fruit) was last of the bag of pistachios…. 24 to be exact*.

*I always make sure to portion out my snacks but especially when I am having nuts. Nuts are really good for you with healthy fats and protein but they are also calorie dense. A few nuts is a lot of cals so it’s best to keep track. 24 pistachios is about 100 calories.

Vita top before the gym and braving the snow.

Fitness: no one was around at lunch and I didn’t want to go out and spend money, which inevitably happens if I just browse on my lunch hour. So instead I went down to the gym downstairs. I repeated week 4 day 1 of the pushup challenge. FYI, since I’ve been stuck here for a while and will remain here for an unforeseeable amount of time, this set is:

100 pushup Challenge Week 4 Day 1

60 sec break
60 sec break
60 sec break
60 sec break
32+ (meaning to fatigue)

Right now I can do everything except the last set. I can only do 15-18.

After pushups I walked on the treadmill while watching CNN, blogging and reading Runners World. Multi tasking at it’s finest. Leisurely walk stats:

After work I taught my kickboxing class.

It was dinner with Jae night so I went over expecting a special “slaves away all day cooking” type dinner since he has off this week and is doing nothing…. but apparently he was hungover. Just kidding dinner was really good. Especially with the addition of Paula Dean… Hot sauce.

-purdue baked chicken breast with Tabasco mild green sauce
-mixed veg with aforementioned Paula Dean hot sauce
-Spanish rice
-lots of salt and pepper

For dessert I had 10 cocoa roasted almonds. These are sooo good. Definitely had to remember my rant earlier about nut portions and count them out, otherwise I would eat a million.

Tomorrow is my Friday! Yay!

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