Took a weekend blog break. I did manage to snag a few photos of food while in Florida but as I was on vacation and it was the holidays I decided to just let it go this weekend. So here is my Sat afternoon to Tuesday.

Fitness: went on 2 runs. One was 5.5 miles and one was 4.5 miles. On the first run, I wore my brother’s Garmin and it was awesome. Seeing my splits every mile was a motivator to go faster. I enjoyed it. The second run I averaged about an 8:30 min mile for 4.5 which is awesome for me. I guess those fartlek intervals are paying off.

Anyway here’s some eats….

Christmas dinner appetizers

The main course

-family had prime rib but I had tilapia (not a big fan of ridiculously rare red meat).
-california mashers (mashed cauliflower)
-sweet potato fries
-mashed potatoes
-green bean casserole
-Lots of wine… Theme of weekend

Table shots


Day after christmas breakfast

-Turkey sausage (2)
-ww toast
-lots of coffee (theme 2 of the weekend)

Peekaboo round 2

Lots of my aunt’s homemade candies. These mint ones are my favorite. Also ate lots of her cookies.

Lunch leftovers

-asparagus pea casserole
-jumbalaya stuffing from the turkducken I missed

Dan getting his first taste of real Florida cooking at Stumpknockers (aka slobknobers).

Frogs legs, alligator nugs, conch fritters.

Babies first frog legs

Salad to cleanse the palate after the friedness

Cajun shrimp split with Dan (he was fried out post aps as well)

Monday lunch leftover

-chipotle mustard (amazing!)
-side o’ bloobs

Dinner was again some sort of red meat and I opted for grilled veggies, salad, green beans, and shrimp.

Dessert… One of many. After this particular one fresh baked chocolate chip cookies were made and many scorching hot ones we’re consumed while playing card games and drinking loooooots of wine.

Here we are today!


Breakfast at home

-scrambled eggs with verde hot sauce
-light wheat toast with spray butter
-dos turkey sauseeg patties

Plane lunch (bought at Publix)

-half publix holiday turkey cranberry sub (sans the bacon add cucumber and lettuce) highly recommended
-baked lays

So basically I ate a looooot this trip. More wine, cookies, and candy than I should have. I did try to balance it with the runs (I will need to pay my dues for this eating some more this week however). I don’t feel too bad though, it was the holidays and that’s what they’re all about. Back to the grind tomorrow. Miss Christmas season already.

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