At home workout 1

Thought I would share this. It’s a workout I did one day when I planned on running but when I went outside it was raining. This took me about 40 mins and my legs were maxed out. You can do it as many times as you want and mix up the intervals if you want too. I used my bike to get my heart rate up in a different way, but no equipment necessary.

Body weight and interval

Need: stationary bike or jump rope or nothing- jump in place

Jumping jacks moderate effort 2 mins
Bike or jump rope all out effort 3 mins
20 squats
Mountain climber all out 2 mins –> hardest part!
20 lunges on each leg –> also really hard
Bridge with leg kicks 2 mins
20 heel raises (off step or incline for extra credit)
Knees up 2 mins
50 crunches
Kick your butt 2 mins
20 Lateral leg raise on each leg
180 degree jumping turns 2 mins

Repeat 1 or more times

Takes about 40-50 mins for 2 sets


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