Request: Holiday Beverages

Coworker Jodi was sipping on a scary seasonal star bucks drink and suggested I do a post on healthfully navigating the seasonal beverages. This is late since it’s Christmas day but I can save Jodi on the Christmas Day drink nightmare haha.

I am sure many of you thought this might be a post of adult beverages. I mean my work nickname is Boozie Suzie, but it’s not.

I will start with starbucks since it is the biggest ridiculous calorie culprit during the holidays. The egg nog lattes for example (and this is with skim milk!)

Mother of god. 18g of fat in a drink.

1. order skim milk. The soy milk at star bucks is not light and anything else just adds calories. You aren’t going to taste the milk anyway.
2. If you can go sugar free. Starbucks unfortunately lacks in the sugar free variety (they have 2?!), but other places (Saxby’s love) have many more options.
3. Skip the whipped cream. The latte will have foam on it, no need for full fat heavy cream on top.
4. If you don’t want to waste calories on a drink skip the latte altogether and go with a coffee with a splash of nf milk or even a few pumps of sf syrup. Coffee is a really low calorie drink.
5. It’s ok to splurge every once and again. I did it with Starbucks white chocolate peppermint latte before I discovered Saxby’s has the same thing sugar free. Just cut your losses where you can an order a smaller size and stick with the nf milk rule.

As for adult beverages… Those calories don’t count. Especially during the holidays. I generally avoid full fat eggnog but I did come across a homemade version and couldn’t resist (I’ve never had homemade!). Soooo good. I will stick to silk nog for the rest of the season.

Happy holiday drink sipping!


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