Happy Christmas, Harry!

I haven’t been good about taking food pics the past few days. Probably for the best because I’ve been gorging myself but I didn’t mostly because I didn’t want to explain to dan’s family why I was being paparazzi with all of their amazing holiday dishes.

This post is going to be a mish mosh.

First, Dans gift was this awesome Tiffany’s bracelet.

Christmas eve was a good day. We woke up. I ate this cookie and a bruised banana..finished the bunch (say in “fixed the nule post!” Voice).

Fitness: then we went to Dan’s La Fitness in NY. It was the biggest gym I have ever seen. Lots going on, a million machines, a million people. It was nice but not sure I enjoy having that many people there. Since we were in a rush to visit his grandma before 4pm mass I got in a quick half hour on the treadmill. It was amazingly easy. I felt awesome. My fartlek session went like this:
-10 min 6.0
-11-12 6.5
-13-14 8.5

And so on…. I repeated it 10 times! That’s the most fartleks I have ever done. I usually do 6. I felt so fast.

After the run we ordered lunch while showering. We ordered from a Forest Hills local favorite, Ripe. They have protein packed low fast options. I got the surf’s up salad with light raspberry vinaigrette on the side.


This was awesome! Lots lots lots of chicken, mandarin oranges, pineapple, almond slaves, tomato and avocado. It really didn’t even need dressing. Perfect start to the day with workout and veggie filled lunch. The rest of the day was downhill from there.

We visited his grandma, went to church where we watched on a projection screen because it was so packed but I still enjoyed the Christmas songs (church Xmas songs are my fav), then we headed to Dans other grandmas house for dinner.

Dinner is an understatement. I ate my bodies weight in food. There was an antipasta course, a course of sides (pasta in fish sauce… Sooo good!, Mac and cheese, quiches, veggies, etc) and fish, a break (I was stuffed by then) and then came out the meats and potatoes (obviously got a second wind for that- there were mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes cooked in a variety of ways. Delicious.

Oh there was also lots… Loooooots of red wine. I think I drank about 3 bottles on my own. I surprisingly wasn’t wasted because there were so many carbs sopping it up. Fun night.

This morning we woke up bright and early to ha e breakfast and open gifts at with some of Dans immediate family. I was still stuffed from the night before but when pancakes and bacon were placed in front of me I had at it. Niiice.

At the airport Dan and I decided to hair of the dog it and got some drinks.

Christmas day in the airport bar…

I had two delicious mimosas and another one of my ww cookies. Now i’m on the plane enjoying Delta/ googles free wifi. Dan is watching a movie and keeps breaking out various snacks. Freeze dried fruit I purchased at the airport, hummus and pretzels.

Going to do a special better-late-than-never post to make up for the sub par food picture taking… Stay tuned. merry Christmas!


One Response to Happy Christmas, Harry!

  1. Sam says:

    That banana looks like a disease.

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