Bananas… literally

Fitness: I solved my dilemma this morning by sleeping in (a bit) until 5:45 am and doing an on demand video in my living room. I used to love the show Workout so I tried Jackie’s Power Circuit Training. It was 44 mins long and you needed a set of weights (I used 10 lbs) and a mat. The workout was good. Not enough cardio for my liking but at points my heart rate was elevated. She splits it up into body area segments and you do three exercises for one minute each and then a “power burn” where you do all three in a row for a minute. Some segments were really hard (like the abs one) and I actually had to take a break- liked that. Some weren’t so hard. I would much rather have to stop then not be challenged. All and all not a bad workout to get up and do at 6 am but wish there was more calorie burning cardio involved. I may be sore tomorrow. And it was conveniently located in my house so I could jump right in my shower when I was done.

When I got to work I was really hungry! I had to muster up all of my self control to stay away from Christmas cookies. I really wanted to try the new pumpkin spice vita top so I toasted that.

Christmas version:

The new top is good. I am still partial to the chocolate but I really like that it has pepitas on it even more fiber then the other tops with 8 grams! Great pumpkin bread alternative.

I also had an Athenos blueberry Greek yogurt and half a banana ( some of which I mixed in).

Morning snack was other half of the banana and 2 cake balls. I couldn’t help myself they are so creamy and delicious (see up close gooey shot).

I also enjoyed some eggnog’n tea.

Lunch I went downstairs to the TG Employee Lounge in my building. I always get the Veggie Delight, a wrap with grilled eggplant, portabello, carrot, and tomato. Well, it says eggplant but I really don’t think it’s in there. I order it hot- pressed in the panini press.

I love this wrap. The veggies are warm and delicious an cate in hummus and the wrap gets slightly charred and crispy. Mmm. I ate half with a small (60 cal) bag of pretzels and some of coworker Carianne’s jalapeño kettle chips (which are odly not spicy nor do they taste like jalapeño).

Random thought of the day: remember the last day of school wrote Christmas break. You always watched movies and had treats and had a half day. I miss that. The last day before a holiday in the office is dead because most of the people have either taken off of scurry out at like 2. So quiet… And boring compared to school. Makes me sad sitting in my cube in the silence. At least I’m surrounded by our 2nd place (first loser) Xmas village and am wearing jeans? Sigh.

Afternoon snack was 2 tangerines my boss gave me.

Then another banana. Can you tell I had bananas left over and am trying to eat then before I go out of town?

I hustled out of work singing “vaaaacation assail I ever wanted..” and made it safely onto the bus.. Sort of, my toes almost froze off because it was 20 mins late. Ew. While waiting I sipped and used as a hand warmer a medium hazelnut coffee with skim milk and splenda from Dunkin Donuts. I much prefer starbucks… Or my new fav Saxbys but beggars can’t be choosers. At least this drink was only about 20 calories.

On the bus I served myself a lovely tin foil dinner. The other half of my lunch wrap (still good just lost the crispiness), a bag of airplane pretzels I’ve been hoarding (I guess one might say I relived lunch… Out of convince).

I had a ww pb and dark choc cookie while listening to pandora Xmas music and reading blogs on my iPad- hence the poor pictures trying to balance things on lap on the bus and snap photos is tough). Mmmm guilt free cookies.

Lots of travel for me this holiday but for tonight just headed up to NY to see Dan, drink some winter beverages and exchange gifts…. maybe hit up a bar.

“Vaaaaaaacation haaaaad to get away!”


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