Workout dilemma

Lots to do this morning… I showered and got ready for work, cleaned my shower, wrapped some Christmas gifts, and took my car in for service all before 8 am.

While at the dealer, I enjoyed a small cup of gingerbread coffee from their Keurig. Black with a packet of sweet n low. I love those machines I could have really used it in my grad school or unemployment days so convenent for a quick cup. 

I packed a Clif bar to eat on the road but forgot about it while being astonished by the fact that the rental had Siriur radio in it. Also another thing I love but don’t want to spend the money for… especially because I don’t really spend that much time in the car since I have such a short commute.

Anyway when I got to work I got 2 scrambled eggs from the cafe downstairs and served them with a side of plain instant grits. I love grits.  I grew up on them because of my southern Grandma. I really don’t eat them enough. This was a nice savory breakfast after my “sweet” day yesterday.

Snack was this gnarled banana (I ate around the bruises).

I am on a soup kick this week so thought I would stick with it for lunch. Progresso high fiver Chicken Tuscany and the last of my ranch Quakes.

This soup was really good! Big chunks of white meat chicken and lots of white beans. Very flavorful and filling.

Snack was an apple that was poorly cut by the apple slicer :(.

Vita in a holiday snow covered window.

I was hungry when I left work but decided to just let It go. Bad call because when I got home I was staaaarving.

In the afternoon I took a work break to go to the gym downstairs in my building and did my pushups. Then after work  i taught my kick boxing class.

When I got home, I was starving and it was my turn to make dinner for Jae and I.  While making dinner, I munched on butter snaps and Greek olive hummus and some ham.

-ham lunch meat pan fried with some Pam
-shirataki mushrooms
-broccoli steamed in the microwave
-I made Jae some whole wheat pasta on the side that I didn’t eat.

The sauce was my mustard blue cheese sauce

-laughing cow light blue cheese
-brown mustard
-crushed red pepper
-cayenne pepper

I think Jae enjoyed my random concotion. I am def a Pam fried lunch meat enthusiast now.  Oddly enough the charred peices taste the best.  They are salty and crunchy and awesome.

After dinner, I had to let Jae try all my desserts.  This was to my detriment. I ate a ton. Oops

-3 cake balls
-half a choc pb cookie
-peice of jodi’s bark

Deciding whether I should wake up for the gym tomorrow. When I work out in the morning I really need a class for motivation. My dilemma is that the only class tomorrow is body works. I can’t do just that without cardio, so I need to wake up at 4:45 am to run before the class. Dan is afraid I will be tired and lame tomorrow night because of this, which is probably true. Do I skip and feel gross or go and be tired?? Tough choices: lame and fit or fun and feelin chubby?


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