Sugar headache

Busy morning, well not busy but I woke up and put my laundry in the washer and then switched it to the dryer right before I left for work. Then when I come back it will be ready to put away/ pack for Christmas travels.

Breakfast was round two of Kath’s ComfOat and Joy. These were better then the first time.

-1/2 c rolled oats
-1 tbsp pecans
-3 starlight mints
-1/4 c silk nog

I heated up and then topped with the starlight mints and drip of silk nog. This was really minty and I liked waiting to add the mints at the end so you got prices of crunchy mint. I think I could actually do without the nog and just drink it on the side instead of mixed in.

I snacked on another one of my low fat whole wheat pb dark choc chip cookies. And a piece of Jodi’s Heath bar like bark. I will seen if I can get the recipe for this. Not healthy but sooooo delicious.

Lunch was Progresso high fiber minestrone soup. This was really good, i love the big pieces of potato and ww pasta.

Side of ranch quakes.

At our gift exchange I got a Starbucks gift card! I was excited. And coworker Leslie liked my Slap Chop. I almost stole it back because I liked it so much haha.

Happy sloppy seconds participants:

Afternoon snack was Coworker Leslie’s pumpkin mousse. Lowfat! If demands me the recipe I will post that one too. With a side of cake ball.

In the afternoon I got a headache. I have my suspicions that it’s from all the sugar I’ve eaten today. I also got really tired. Sugar wore off I guess. Not cool.

Afternoon snack was an apple in the car on the way to the gym. I needed real food with nutrients. However this was post dentist appointment and killed my teeth. Waaa.

Fitness: usually Tuesday workout. 45 mins of pilates and taught my spin class.

Quick and salty dinner to make up for my sweet filled day.

I had hummus and buttery pretzels snaps whole my meal wads heating. This is the sabra Greek olive hummus. I am obsessed with sabra hummus. Once you have their brand you will never buy another brand. Every flavor is creamy and amazingly flavorful.

My TJ’s chicken vindaloo bowl took a while to heat up (about 7 mins) but was really good. Not very spicy-to my standards at least- but had a little and lots of flavor. Big pieces of chicken with lots of veggies. The rice was a little over cooked but still a good frozen dish.

I was still hungry so I had some more pretzels on the side.

No dessert tonight. I am sick of cookies… For now. Wish I could say I was sick of them for the season but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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