Winter wedding

I didn’t catch many pics saturday. So I apologize.

Breakfast buffet at the Sheraton in Columbia, Maryland was good. Good company:

I had an egg white omelet with ham, tomato and spinach covered in Tabasco and a side of fruit and rye toast.

Pineapple and strawberries.

Dan and my brother Bernie and I spent the afternoon with my uncle and cousin seeing the inner harbor. We had a light lunch at Phillips seafood. I had a tiny ,aryl and crab soup and then dipped a lot of bread in Dan’s cream of crab because mine was so small. Lesson learned always order the bowl for your meal not the cup.

Dan and I holding up sparklers as my cousin and his new wife leave the church. Very cool idea. I also really liked my first winter wedding.

The wedding was a lot of fun! Dan and I sat with a bunch of my cousins and drank a lot of beer and ate the most delicious crab cake I have ever had (amongst other things). the chunks of crab in it were huge. I would love to learn how to make that! As I said i didn’t het a pic but it was similar to this. Dream.

Anyway great family weekend. When I get more used to blogging I will try to be better with pics.


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