Too many cookies.

Bad eating day. Well not that bad, just way too many cookies!

My aunt filled a huge bag of cookies for our trip home. Bag of cookies split with Dan. Pic is after we ate most of them. my aunt’s cookies are soo good. And dangerous. There were a variety of buttery Christmas cookies in here.

Checkers hamburger kids meal.

Diet coke.

Dan enjoying his mushroom big Buford burger and superfluous diet coke.

He’s giving a thumbs up.

While getting ingredients for cookies i am baking for work today, we picked up pizza material. Homemade pizza. I had half.

-boboli whole wheat crust
-pizza sauce
-ff mozzarella
-black olives
-shirataki mushrooms

Pizza and football:

Made a version of cookie dough balls based on Mama Pea’s. I substituted applesauce for butter to cut the fat and calories and skipped the pb and i only used ww flour instead a of a mix of both. I was nervous because the raw dough tasted awful. But after they baked, they turned out pretty well. Not like dough balls but cake-like cookies. Very chewey. Not bad for a healthier cookie. I would make them again.

I also made cake balls. Ad idea taken from Meghan at Meals and Miles. I made the cake using only a can of diet coke. Then instead of icing I used sugar free raspberry jelly. These turned out unsightly but delicious. Next time need to make sure the cake cools completely before dipping them in white chocolate and find a cleaner way to dip them. They still taste moist and chocolately and slightly raspberry-y and the white chocolate is creamy frosting. Mmm

A prettier one…

Gnarled but tasty…

Anyway, we’ll see how the coworkers like them on Tuesday. People are so skeptical about healthier versions.


2 Responses to Too many cookies.

  1. edenseats says:

    yay, finally a blogger that drinks diet soda! (or at least admits it!)

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