Minimal pics.

Fitness: I went to the gym before work to take the 5:45am spin class and the teacher wasn’t there so I ended up teaching it. It was good but different crowd at that gym so bot sure everyone liked it. It’s a cycle zone class which means only 45 mins. I taught and then ran back home to shower and get ready for work.

I was a little nervous about breakfast because I was feeling pb but only had everything bagel thins. I just toasted it up and went with it. It was fine. The bagel thins don’t have that mug onion flavor which is what would have clashed. I looove the dries cherries in this pb. It really doesn’t taste like choc tho or cherry. White choc coconut is still my fab naturally nutty flavor. I ate this with a side a coffee (black with one sweet n low) cause I felt like I needed it this morning.

Morning snack was an apple. I forgot to take a pic. And btw forgot my camera at home today. Oops. iPhone savior.

Today was our marketing department holiday lunch and i convinced everyone to go to Seasons 52. This was my 2nd time there and again it was awesome. I didn’t take pics just to keep things casual but I can describe.

If you’re not familiar season 52 has a changing menu based on what’s fresh and everything in under 475 calories. Of course with appetizer and dessert the stats start to climb but nice to know health is in mind.

We split 2 of their flatbreads for an ap. I loved the spicy pork taco flat bread. Pulled pork, spiciness, peppers on crisp flatbread.

For my entree I really wanted the chicken curry mulligatawny soup so I had that and a garden salad. The soup had good curry flavor and huge chunks of chicken and the salad was awesome too with the addition of toasted pine nuts and light dressing.

For dessert we each got a dessert shooter. Everyone I tried was good but my eggnog mouse with Graham cracker parfait thing was amazing. I love nog!

Another great marketing holiday lunch.

Not so healthy dinner on the road to MD for my cousin’s wedding. However, I love arbys and there are none near me so I take it where I can get it. (again, excuse the pics. They are from the car balancing food on my lap while trying not to spill it on my camel colored coat I need to wear to the wedding tomorrow. )

Small roast beast sandwich smothered in Arby-q sauce.

Side of small fries. I heart curly fries. I actually heart fries of all kind. It recently came to my attention that I haven’t had fries since I started blogging a month ago! That may be a record for me.

Now were headed to MD and a hospitality suite with more food and drinksssss.

Ps here I had:
-1 and 1/2 beers
-A meatball
-5 amazing homemade cookies split with dan


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